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After making a "corporate decision" to no longer supply many customers of their prescription pain medications, that they had been providing for years. Many people like myself will be transferring the rest of their prescriptions to another provider.

My own combination of prescriptions, only 2 of which are pain medications, add up to around $1000 per month. I am only an average consumer, although I use a wheelchair, I do require everything my physician thinks I need.

These decisions affect Walgreen Drugs BOTTOM LINE. Their stock will be dropping daily now, so sell out while you can!

Well Care Pharmacies, inc. would be a much better place for your money and transfer your own prescriptions to there, like I did, too!

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I dont believe anyone is saying Walgreens will shut its doors bc of ONE person....but being one who deals w chronic pain everyday & needing your meds just to be a "normal" person in everyday life only to be knocked down several notches bc now where do you go! I can only speak for myself but im sure others would agree...i would give ANYTHING to have my life back!

Its frustrating trying to get meds esp if they dont "know" you...its an automatic were out! I dont wish chronic pain on anyone but at times, when i get the look or flat out rude...ya i wish they were on the other side being treated this way!


It is all over the internet how WALGREENS IS DENYING filling prescription for PAIN PILLS. They want ill patients to suffer because they are not making enough money off of the prescriptions.

WALGREENS bottom line is more important that the most weak in our society. Cancer patients need medications to get up out of bed everyday. Some days more pills are necessary to make it to RADIATIONS APPOINTMENTS. Some days more pills are needed to make it to CHEMO treatments.

What quality of life do they get if the very pills that they need to stay out of the hospitals are denied to them.

This is just terrible and happening to the weakest/sickest for the BOTTOM LINE of walgreens. Just terrible


Our gross pharmacy income has risen 2% every week since we re-initiated express scripts. By the way, it's "Lose", not "Loose".


Havent seen no drop in stock, its actually going up so thank you


It's NOT just ME! Italk to people on the street every day, who say it's happened to them.

My doctor's office is spending 75% of their time on the phone trying to help their patients get the medications they need!

Indicators be damned! Sell now while you still can make a profit.


@ investigate they all have a buy status until they have a hold status then a sell status by the time you are told to sell it is usually to late all the insiders have already gotten out they have the insider information on what is really taken place in the company. So if you are an insider you will be OK but if not the Customers leavng is a good indication that a company is losing business is it enough business to go under (an insider may be able to answer that)

Not filling Dr orders is really scary to anyone that has had CANCER and knows just what it takes to get through the day. MONEY AND DEATH both a scary issue


Walgreens stock has a buy status. That means the stock will make you money.

This decision has been around over a year, and yet millions have yet to be lost. Just because this one person transfers his scripts he thinks the company will close

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