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I bought a loadable MasterCard from Wal- Green for my son who was traveling across country to use for gas .When he used it the 1st time for 40.00 all was well .When he tried to use it the 2nd time it was declined When he called them he was informed by a Wal Green rep at the 1-800 that they were holding the rest for possible pending charges!

What pending chgs??? he only charged/used 40.00.They then told him it would take 10 days to release the remaining balance!! I called them and got the same story so I told them that I wanted to load more $$ and they informed me I couldn't until he received a new card in the mail!

Reason of review: fradulent gift card.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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What people don't realize is Walgreens DOES NOT make any money off these cards. They have come out with the Balance Financial Card and I don't know if this is the one your talking about.

Also customers do not bother to look into how the cards work BEFORE purchasing them.

In recent years, scam upon scam up to but not limited to money laundering has occured so that is why Walgreens has strict guidelines and just in recent weeks has changed Green Dot to where you have to present an ID to get one.

There is also a NO REFUND policy on these cards and you have to take it up with the actual company represented by the card and not Walgreens.

These cards are definitely convenient for some. But if you don't know anything about how they work(like the person that wrote the above complaint) I suggest you look into that BEFORE getting one..........

to Anonymous #867100

1st please don't insult my intelligence. Any company who has or is in business doesn't sell anything with out making a profit that is called BUSINESS something you, I can see you know nothing about.

I assume that you must work or be affiliated with Wal Green to make such a comment.

Hopefully You are not their spokesperson for their on- line reviews or their are in a world of trouble.

I will tell you that I did my homework on this so called card you clam Wal- Green doesn't get any kick back for... It's Wal-Green holding the $$$.These cards are a joke... even the rep for Wal-Green stated that she doesn't know why happened ...

however she will write up a ticket for it...

So don't tell me they have nothing to do with it, they have everything to do with it. Wal Green purchased these cards ,sell these cards, get a kick back from the sale of these cards & make a profit from these cards.

When they decided to sell them in their store's they took on the responsibility...

Perhaps they should have 'tested' them out on their own kids... 1,000 miles away, stranded without the use of their "pre paid Master Card from Wal Green..

and be told by Wal Green rep "I will write up a ticket for it"....

Yea that will make it all better...

to smiling518 California, United States #871360

Any card that says it is re-=loadable, you put the initial amount on it but to load more money on it you have to first register the card and a new card with your name on it will come in the mail, that is the one that money can be added to, not on the original card (doesn't matter where the card is purchased, if it states re-loadable that' how it works). It doesn't matter if it's a Walgreen Financial card or a Green Dot or a Visa, if it says it is re-loadable, then it has to be registered either online or over the phone, and a new card with your name printed on it will be mailed to you, the printed card is the only card that money can be loaded on and with ID, unless it is done online and with the card number, etc.

And it doesn't matter what store it was purchased at, all of these re=loadable cards are this way, it is supposed to help prevent fraud so they can't use them for money laundering.

Yes, I worked for Walgreens for a few years, and it can be confusing, I agree, but the laws have changed to hopefully to protect the consumer.

to smiling518 #873399

it has nothing to do with insulting you, Walgreen's makes no money on the purchase of Greendot cards, just as they don't make money on dairy products they sell. not everything is about making money its about having what the customers want.

I do understand the frustration this has caused and it horrible for you to go through this, i do apologize on there behalf cause i know they will never do it them selves. i don't know the exact reason for them holding the funds but i'm pretty sure it has to do with asset protection with all the fraud and scams going around all these companies have lost millions so there taking steps to protect them selves from future loss.

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