Fort Worth, Texas

I get 9 different medications/ refills at Walgreens for my Family. My doctor called in a refills to Walmart by accident.

I learned at Walmart that my RX was called in as a 90 day supply

( my Dr always writes my long term meds as 90 days) at Walgreens even thought the script is for 90 days they tell me and always have that I can only get 30 days at a time but Walmart had all 90 days ready for me. I went to Walgreens afterwards to pick up the remaining of my refills where I ask the pharmacist why was I able to get my 90 days at Walmart but at Walgreen I can only get 30 each month of my 90 day and a copay each time.

His response was " you are more than welcome to have all your refill do there in fact they can call us and transfer them over tonight " I thought man Walgreen must be the giant of pharmacies to turn down 900.00 dollars a month just because he didn't like the question I ask.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #853744

I would take my RX to Walgreen all the time out of habit. My Doctor started writing my long term prescriptions for 90 days with 4 refills which would get thru 1 year.

I took it to Walgreens still out of habit and they would only fill a 30 day supply at a time with 4 refills so now it would only last 6 months.

I was told ( by Walgreens ) that it's the insurance company's policy and not Walgreens policy that I could only get a 30 day supply with my 90 day RX. I saw this posting about Walgreens vs Walmart so when I got my refill from the Doctors office I took it to Walmart and walk out with my 90 day supply and one copay with no problems at all!!!

Shame on you Walgreens for taking those extra copay from us....

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #829918

It's because of you insurance. Walgreens actually makes more money by filling 90 day prescription so the only reason it would be marked for 30 is because your insurance will only allow 30.

They may prefer walmart or another pharmacy.

That's how it works. The other reason may be that walmart didn'thave uUr insurance but they over like $4 generics so it would have been cheaper to fill it for 90 without Ur insurance.


not suprised. the pharmacist will be paid with our without your prescriptions. corporate will see a decline and have no clue that the pharmacist is personally telling customers to go elseware!!

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