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Been going to walgreen pharmacy for 3 years now to get my prescription filled its a 24 hour pharmacy and never ever have problems getting prescription filled except when there is one particular girl that works there named Amy and went to pharmacy to get prescription filled at 2:30 am and she refused to fill said had to come back at 8 am caused me to drive 40 miles out of my way and im very pissed. My prescription has a date to be filled not time all other pharmacist have always filled my prescrptions with no question ask. Something needs to be done about this girl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Overzealous pharmacist, period! If a doctor prescribes a medication, the pharmacist is expected to adhere to such request.

These pharmacists tend to behave as though they are all knowing, "the power behind the throne" so to speak. They do not know each individuals circumstances,

thus this behavior is unwarranted to say the least.


I thought that if the dr wrote don't fill until a certain date;that you call get that rx filled anytime after midnight on that date!


FYI Prescriptions are like checks: they cannot legally be post dated, but people still do this. This doesn't mean that you can bring your rx in at 2:30am because there is no way that the doctor actually worte the rx at 2:30 in the morning.

While waiting until a specific time maybe pharmacist discretion the MD actually broke the law by writing the rx they way s/he did. It should be dated with the original date with a subscript of DO NOT FILL UNTIL xx/xx/xx.

This would enable the pharmacist to fill whenever. This doesn't mean that the pharmacist won't make you wait until 8 if that is his policy but they could LEGALLY fill the rx if it is written this way.


filling controls until 8am at a 24 hr store is a "AT PHARMACIST DISCRETION" rule....not all pharmacists want crazy narcotic drug seekers to come at midnight to get their drugs.


Crazy narcotic drug seekers?! I lost most of my leg when my Humvee exploded and what's left hurts like ***. Sometimes I fill them before 8 because I'm in pain you judgmental ***


Sounds like date wrong and needs Dr correction. This girl probably following laws, date has to be right