Orlando, Florida
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I have been trying to fill a script for a contolled substance (I have MS) since Oct 24, 2012. Both myself and my doctor have been put thru the wringer with faxes, trips to the store and rude people.

However, Walgreens is playing a game and saying it's the insurance company needing approval. My last script was filled 31 days ago so I am within the correct time for a refill. I am so frustrated and I am know being told the script will be available on the 30th. I hope I can walk into the store on that date.

The stress may have me bedridden by then. Who gave you the right to play GOD????

And whatever happened to being honest. Do you not like my insurance, because I have offered to pay cash or do you not like my disease and are afraid of it????

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Many walgreens can no longer fill these prescriptions in Florida. Try another pharmacy such as sams, Publix, CVS etc. Good luck.