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On Aug 25 I went in to fill my meds that is Methadone 10 mg of which I take 4 a day well I was looking at my med bottle on Sunday Aug 29 and noticed that they be a lot less than the 120 I normally get for each month I counted them and found out I was short almost 30 pills I decided to pay them a visit I went in and talked with the Pharmacist He then took my bottle and went to the counter and started to count the number of pills in the bottle he then checked his computer and told me that his control showed that they were over 27 pills and he had put them in my bottle because these were the pills I was shorted he would not give me any other information only thing he said was since this is a controled medication that is what they showed to be over. All I have to say is next time I get my meds filled before I leave the counter I will as them to count and verify the number of pills I am getting in that little bottle that they give you and you have no idea if you get 120 or 90 pills when they fill your Rx....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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They can not give you additional information regaurding why the pills were missing because if they do suspect a dishonest tech. they dont want word to get out perhaps the tech get tipped off or over hear and suspect thier being watched they'd rather keep quiet and bust them!

plus techs get wrote up for these mistakes! when a tech is wrote up it is between them and the employeer! and i can tell you first hand the pharmacist didnt suspect you were a junky if he gave you the pills and acknowledge it was thier mistake. he probably considered it when you first called considering the class of medication and the fact it is required to be double counted.

but once checking inventory and on hands and realizing he was over probably veared his suspicions towards the tech at that point he was confident in you as a patient! it is natural for pharmacies to assume a junky in these cases from the beginning we have to consider there are dishonest ppl out there that will go to no ends to get thier drugs and can get us fired if we dont take precaution when filling controlls! but you should always investigate the issue cause we are human we make mistakes and there are dishonest employees!

therefore he did an excellent job at handling the situation! and im almost positive the filling tech got a write up at the least!


I really like the snide remarks from the WGMGT

ON 4/16/11. tHEY SOUND SO CONCERNED THAT THEY HAVE A JUNKIE working behind the counter. and yes I do believe there are pharmacist that take the risk so they can get high.


Had the Exact same thing happen in Idaho at Walgreens in Nampa, Idaho. same deal and the same comment from the Pharmacist.

They cover each other. talked to the cops and they said the only way they can nail them is if you count every pain med before taking them.


Do you people think controlled drugs are just sitting on the counter or shelf in the pharmacy for "people to swipe"? They are locked up where only the >>> Pharmacist on duty ey are caught VERY fast.

How many stories like that do you hear? ALMOST NONE.

Now how many stories of fake pain med scrips do you hear? A *** TON!




As if chronic pain isn't enough to deal with, we get to be treated like junkies too. I wouldn't even wish this life on someone like whinyconsumerpussies.

I've never understood why anyone that didn't need it would want Methadone, I've never derived and pleasure from it.

Just remember that goes around, comes around. :cry


I actually agree with you!! Some of those people working behind the counter DO swipe some meds!!! You probably need to count out the pills right then and there at the counter and make a pharmacist watch you.....just like you suggested.

Nice Guy

By the way you have a very fitting user name "whinyconsumersrpussies" why don't you just get a life

Nice Guy

I think You're the lying sack of *** and you're probably the junky who shorts people on the meds they need so you can sell and use them :grin :zzz


You lying sack of ***-I work as a Rph and you junkies do this every day.