Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Walgreen's circular advertised a shower chair and actually showed a picture of the chair in the circular. When I went to the store to purchase the chair they only had the more expensive version of the chair in stock.

Then I asked if this version was $10 off as well. There was a meeting of 3 employees and after a 10 minute wait I was told this chair was NOT included in the promotion.I came home and went to Walgreen's website and wrote a letter complaining about what appeared to be a bait and switch tactic. I received a form letter with some inane speech about how Walgreen's tries to address consumer concerns.


Monetary Loss: $44.

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there are narrow minded employees everywhere, they are just afraid of "big brother". I see big picture, a DM once said to me " you will never get in trouble for overcompensating the customer" I've been around a while, if it don't feel ethically wrong do it.

I would've given $10 off the higher one or at least a rain check on the advert one. NOT BAIT AND SWITCH, careful slander, is a delicate word.


Walgreens is the worst store I have ever seen for not having the items that are on sale.I don't go there anymore.If you continue to patronize a store that does business the way walgreens does it just encourages other stores to do the same.


Tasha, why don't YOU get off your butt and do something more productive than to spout off your *** opinions.

To the poster, Walgreen's is notorious for advertising a product without enough inventory. It is a shame but you aren't the first one this has happened to.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #194525

They were obviously sold out. They are not going to save one for slackers. next time get your big butt out sooner before they are sold out.

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