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I have been in the suboxone program for a couple years. I have been given prescription for Vicodin twice.

I was givin the pain med because both times I had oral surgery and a root canal. I let my suboxone doctor know, bring him copy of scrip. this time went to one located in framingham, ma the pharmacist took it upon herself to call my dentist and tell him that I was taking this med without consulting me to find out the facts. If I had spoken to either doctor.

I think my privacy has been violated. I am pissed & in pain

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You should have let your Dentist know when you fill out the form ""CURRENT MEDICATION"", You chose to hide it, A pharmacist is a health care provider. He/she is doing her/his job by dispensing medication, watch for interaction,etc...

In your case he/she is protecting you.

Like Superc said, it's legal for pharmacist to call your Dr. / Dentist


Guess what? The pharmacist was correct in his/her action.

Any one taking suboxone should not be taking a narcotic. For those of you that do not know, suboxone is supposed to be part of a treatment plan to get addicts off the narcs. Kind of like methadone clinics are to heroin addicts.

All it really does is substitute one addiction for another, and makes big money for the manufacturers of suboxone and it's generic counterparts.



HIPA has a clause that allows anyone in the normal function of a business to talk to your medical professionals. Checking compliance or if a script is valid falls under this.


Thems the rules bucko. If you have a problem with it call your state pharmacy board. I suggest you actually read the privacy notice that is given to you by any healthcare provider next times also.


That part of pharmacist job. Would happen at any legitment pharmacy.