Phoenix, Arizona

When I dropped off my pain medication prescription today I was told Walgreen's was out of it, that no Walgreen's pharmacy had it available, and they refused to place an order for my medication. Is there some reason that Walgreen's is not providing pharmacy services?

Is there some reason Walgreen's pharmacy is advertising their pharmacies as caring, feel better stores when they are refusing prescription medication and refusing to order the medication they refuse to keep in stock?

My previous dealing with Walgreen's has always been a nightmare, I have waited hours for a prescription, the lines are always long, the pharmacy employees rude and uncaring, but now they are refusing to fill prescription medication. Can't somebody buy out these so called pharmacies that won't fill prescriptions, and put Walgreen's out of business so we don't have to deal with them anymore?

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Ditto. Me too, twice over.

They initially denied it but eventually they did confirm they have a monthly pain pill allotment. After that it's like the soup naze on Seinfeld: "No soup for you!"


this has been happening for a couple of years "Pharmacists are challenging, and in many cases refusing to fill legitimate prescriptions for post-operative narcotic pain medications such as Vicodin at Walgreens pharmacies.

"It's a consistent finding through any metro Atlanta Walgreens that a patient is harassed," Jeffords said.

Robin Haaland, who flew in from Utah for a procedure in August, got turned away at a Walgreens along Cobb Parkway, even after Jeffords spoke to the pharmacist himself.

"At the time I was more embarrassed, because there were people standing around. I felt like I did something wrong," Haaland said.

"We can't get to the bottom of it," said plastic surgeon Dr.

Carmen Kavali.

Kavali said Walgreens pharmacists routinely refuse to fill pain med prescriptions for her patients, too."


If you are so unhappy with Walgreens go to a different pharmacy, or do you just like to have something to complain about.


Maybe walgreens is the only pharamacy their insurance will allow them to use.Then what are they supposed to do?Some perscriptions can run into thousands of dollars which people just do not have so they can only go to walgreens.


Do you have no life? :? Try a little compassion, ***.