Clarksville, Arkansas

I just got off the phone with Walgreen's after looking on their website for Accu Chek Comfort Curve Test Strips. I found that they are 139.99.

My local Wal-Mart sells those same strips for about 98. That is a huge huge difference. I called Walgreen's on the phone to inquire why the price was so high and the lady on the phone attempted to tell me it was because it was not only for the strips but also control solution. Nowhere on their site is anything listed about the strips coming with any solutions.

I will not be buying anything from Walgreen's ever again.

That pricing is horrible and makes no sense. They care more about the bottom line and dont give a *** about the people they are supposed to be helping.

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I work for walgreens. Walgreens is not Walmart.

Walmart is a supercenter store...Walgreens is a pharmacy.

Walgreens does not do competative pricing to stores such as Walmart, Publix, Kroger, Kmart ect. You can always ask what the price is of the medication before handing over your card for payment.


You would be wise to check these guys prices on everything. tODAY i purchased 10 levaquin tablets for my part $93--insurance paid $253

I could have gotten at cosco for total around $200. Doesn't pay to be sick


complaint about pricing?

are you gonna complaint japan made auto are higher price then america made now? LOL or you gonna complaint why a BMW cost more then a kia?

if you dun like walgreens pricing, just go to wal-mart :)


Wow the only reason i'm reading the reviews is for a paper for school. I work in the pharmacy at walgreens and if you don't like the pricing go somewhere else, simple as that, you really must have nothing to do in your life to be posting things on here. Like I go to walmart to grocery shop versus publix because it saves me money but I don't come on here to complain about it, oh my this website is so funny, people you need to get a life and don't let the little things bother you, lol.


News flash: different companies operate their businesses differently and price things differently. Wal-Mart operates their pharmacy as a loss-leader, selling many items at a loss.

They do this to get you into their store so they can sell you snow tires and big-screen TVs while you're in there to buy your strips. Walgreens does not do this; pharmacy is the core of their business, not a cheap sales gimmick.

If price is that much of a concern to you, go ahead and take your business to Wal-Mart. But you look silly complaining about a sales tactic that lots of companies use.