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I needed my medication records faxed to a physician. I have used Walgreen's for the past three years spending nearly $12,000 a year in prescriptions.

I have problems with my vocal chords early in the morning as I required a tracheotomy which makes it difficult to talk until I have had a cup of warm fluids.

I called early one morning and spoke with a woman (tech) who said, "we can't fax your records". I asked why and she replied she didn't have time. I asked to speak with the pharmacist on duty. She refused to let me speak to the pharmacist and hung up on me.

I had a cup of tea and called Walgreen's back. The same tech (Rhonda) answered and said, "this isn't the woman I talked to 45 minutes ago, that woman couldn't even talk well enough to make any sense." I explained my situation with my voice and she laughed at me and continued to argue that this wasn't the same person." I insisted on speaking to the pharmacist, she placed me on hold then Tina, the pharmacist answered. I asked what I needed to do in order to get a copy of my records. She was snippy and said that "you can pick them up yourself later in the day and hung up without even saying goodbye."

My husband is a physician and I called him because they had embarrassed me about a condition in which I am self conscious. He called Walgreen's and asked to speak to the pharmacist. He identified himself as Dr. _____. Immediately the pharmacist said, "how do I know you are Dr. ____?" He replied that she could call his clinic and that she would for sure recognize his voice. He asked for her last name as he wanted to report her to the pharmacy board. She refused to give her last name and the tech refused as well.

That afternoon my son drove me to Walgreen's to pick up my records so that I could fax them to a specialist out of state. When I asked for them the tech and pharmacist said, "oh, don't bother calling the pharmacy board we already called and explained the situation to them and we didn't do anything wrong." The point wasn't that they wouldn't fax my records but rather their lack of compassion and professionalism. We are reporting them for unprofessional conduct. I had my prescriptions transferred to CVS where I had previously done business. The only reason I changed was due to the Walgreen's was just a couple miles from my home. CVS requires the pharmacist to wear a name tag with their full name on it and also print it on the bottle. Walgreen's doesn't identify who fills your scripts.

When I called CVS to transfer my prescriptions, the pharmacist immediately recognized my voice and asked how I had been doing. She didn't know I was moving my business back to them. Their pharmacists are cordial and always ensures my questions are answered.

This may be a local problem as I have never used any other Walgreen's. I called Walgreen's headquaters and was told that someone would get back with me that day....never heard from anyone. It may seem like a small thing to those reading this; but I believe in going through life and trying to at the least have good manners. So, before doing business with a corporation make certain that you will be treated with respect and a bit of kindness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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HIPAA holds tight restrictions on medical providers but in any case if they felt at all uncomfortable they should have politly asked you to pick up the records yourself and fax them or provide written consent in any case they shouldnt have laughed or been rude! i have never come across any employees that would go to that extent and i highly doubt they had time to call the board also! i feel as if the whole story isnt being told but in trusting your accusations i can assure you they were only being cautious of the law but should not have been critical or rude and should have been more attentive and advising to the situation


It is a violation of federal and state law to fax or otherwise release any patient records without a signed consent (HIPPA). I'm sure your husband knows that.

He was probably upset b/c you were. Can't comment on why the were not polite to you.


Those two pharmacists are just a pieces of dog ***


Just judging by Della's response to *** she probably was rude.


I have a feelig that we are not getting the whole story here. WEre you rude as well?

If so you deserve the treatment you got. Next time take warm fluids before talking to the person so they don't think that you are a retard freak.


Why would you even post this a complaint for Walgreens as an entire company? This is obviously just a rude employee.

I wish there was an 800 number to call to report rude customers and patients because I can assure you there are WAY more of those in the world.

I don't doubt that you were treated poorly, but I don't understand why you didn't just speak to the store manager about an employees' poor attitude. It seems like it would have been far more effective than calling an 800 call center, posting this complaint about two employees in a chain of over 7,000 stores and switching to CVS who I promise has jerks employed as well.


They probably just said that to try to "defend" themselves. They sound like horrible employees.


Not surprised you called yourself an ***, you are one. I can assure you that professional boards do care.

Obviously you are uninformed and probably poorly educated. :sigh :roll


this whole story sounds like ***, pharmacists dont have time to call board, not that the board would even care