Shallotte, North Carolina

I have an injured foot that needs to be xrayed in the next two weeks. My doctor finally prescribed me a prescription for pain and I went to walgreen's to fill it.

Only I was told they were out of stock and they could call around to find a pharmacy that carried it. Not ONE pharmacy carried the prescription that i had to fill. Then they said their supplier was out of it but they could order it for me and it would be here Friday. That was a week ago.

It is now Saturday and I haven't heard a word from them.

My foot is killing me. Thanks Walgreens for being very unkind to someone in pain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Ask for an Rx to be written with 'may substitute' on it from your doctor in the future. That way they can use an equivalent medication. Often, it's just one very specific medication that they are unable to fill.


Your not going to get oxy from them, hit up your local pharmacy. Not corporate pharmacies.


"" It is now Saturday and I haven't heard a word from them. ""

here is a ideal try calling them


Let me guess the script was for oxycotin.


what the average person in pain would of done was call the doctor and explain that it was out of stock and you couldnt wait a week and would like someting else, happen's and doctor understand's and writes new script !!