I turned in my script for Adderall XR, called the next day to check on because a new script for this med always has to be approved by the Insurance. They told me they were waiting on the Doctor to send in justification, waited a couple more days, called again, still wait on the doc.

I called the Doctor, the office say they had just received the request for justification the night before, the pharmacy said the sent the request the day the got the script, if they don't hear back, they send it again. Long story short, after several more phone calls and 8 days later, they admit they lost the prescription. You can't fill this with a fax or phone call, it is a controlled substance.

I'm thinking, there should be a formal investigation. Where do I go from here, still don't have by med.

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@Anonymous HOW ARE YOU SO SURE OF ANYTHING? Do you have inside information?

follow the advice of the first poster CALL THE POLICE how do you know they didn't fill your prescription and KEEP YOU MEDS.

also call and report to the two other numbers. To avoid more FRAUD by the phramacist or clerks at this location the second poster seems to have way to much info about gift cards and copays and know THE GAME BEING PLAYED!!


OMG shut up! Like there's a big market for *** pills!

Puuuhlease! :roll


A police report?? Nothing criminal happened.

If they lost the hard copy prescription then at the very worst they would have to explain the situation to your prescriber and they would give you another prescription. I'm also sure they would waive your copay once insurance covers it and probably give you a gift card as well. While very rare, it is possible for pharmacies to misplace a prescription. People are human and mistakes will happen.

However I would completely support your complaint if the pharmacist does nothing to try and correct the situation.

On a side note, when the doctor's office is slow at taking action (particularly when it comes to submitting justification to the insurance) their #1 response is to blame the pharmacy. This is ridiculous because the pharmacy is just the middle man in these situations between your insurance and prescriber.


i would also file a police report!! Go ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


Go U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program