Brighton, Michigan

I gave Walgreens mail order pharmacy all the info they needed to fill my prescriptions. When I didn't receive my meds I called them and I was told they didn't have the info.

I gave it to them again and was told what my copay was and that didn't match what my insurance company had told me. Their charge was considerably more. Also they said that the doctor had written a scrip for 93 days and not 90 so they couldn't fill it.

While cancelling my order and my credit card I was told that the doctor did write the scrip for 90 days and that was an error on their part. WOW!!!!They are dealing with medicines and find this appalling!

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My doctors office ordered incorrect dosage for a glaucoma med. Result Walgreens filled with brand name drug and not generic.

Costing me 4 times what generic cost. Now walgreens will not let me return unopened boxes of the incorrect one. Even though all of this was not know to me until after order was already shipped. The age of electronic scripts is not a good thing.

You have no idea until it is too late that there was an error. At least at a local pharmacy they show you the bos/bottle and tell you the price before they take your money. Then if there is an error it can be fixed without costing the consumer a lot of money. Now doctor sent through correct dosage they filled that one too but with only 10 ML for 90 days.

My insurance company says I should get 15 ML for 90 days. That is what Walgreens sent me in the Brand name drug.

But now shorted me with the generic. I will not be using them again.


Ordered my refill prescription on Tuesday morning and it is now Friday afternoon and I have yet to receive it. The system showed that the order date was Wednesday, 7/18, which is incorrect as I ordered it online on Tue, 7/17.

The ship date according to the system was 7/18. I called the Walgreen's rep this morning who could not tell me exactly where the medication was shipped from nor the company responsible for shipping it, nor for their information.

She said I could contact them and request emergency fill, however she was not bright enough to factor in the fact that the prescripion had already been shipped. No information, no tracking, poor service-NEVER AGAIN


I find it hard to believe Walgreens is still in business, they never get my scripts right, and there is always at least one other person in line having issues every time I have went....such a sad excuse for a pharmacy!