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I have gotten my prescriptions at Walgreen's for the last 10 years located in Winter Haven Florida. I have been given other peoples prescriptions, told I was not in their system, called my home and left messages for medications that were not at the pharmacy.

I have had people that don't know their jobs and don't really care if they sevre you with a bad attitude. I don't like telling my birthday to the whole store that's how I got another woman's medication because she had the same birthday as me. God forbid if I get married and change my last name who knows what will happen then.

Now every time I need my medication refilled it's like going to get my oil changed in my car I have to do it but what a hassle. Hey Walgreens hire some people that can get your pharmacy in shape or I will look for a Mom and Pop pharmacy that won't have to ask me when I was born.

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Andria is right. i didnt work for walgreens, but cvs and rite aid.

They train their pharmacy staff to always make sure to verify the birth date.

it can be very easy to mix up prescriptions, so to avoid giving out the wrong prescription and violating the HIPPA privacy act they will be asking you some personal information. but yes the best option like Andria said is to show them your ID.


Hi I work for Walgreens...I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience but I just wanted to comment on the birthday thing...in the majority of health related computer systems; pharmacies,hospitals,ERs, and doctor's offices, patient's are pulled up by DOB. If you are uncomfortable giving this information out the you have a couple of options: 1.

give a photo ID this has your DOB on it and you won't have to say it, 2.

give your phone number, but remember that it MUST match the one that Walgreen's calls or we won't be able to find you. I hope this helps and that your experiences are better.

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