Nag, nag, nag.Walgreens uses computer robo calling to nag me more than my wife!

When I don't refill my prescriptions or the local store is trying to make its sales goals, They have a computer call and nag you to refill your prescriptions. I know when I'm low on a prescription drug and I'll fill it when I feel like it.

I never requested to be called to remind me.I don't need any more phone calls.

I'm changing my phone number on file to the company president and see if he likes the calls.

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This is a *** complaint. Do you know how many customers forget its time to refill and our happy Walgreen's does call so they do not have to do without life saving medicine. Just have them put you on a no call list!


I work for Walgreens and the reason they are doing this is because they lost the Express Scripts contract.It makes my job difficult because people call a lot saying that Walgreens called them and they don't understand why.

You can opt out of it.Talk to the pharmacy staff and they can fill out a form so you won't get those calls anymore.


I have been getting these calls and I don't know why when my prescriptions are on so called 'auto ' refill.Nothing automatic about it.


you can request the automatic calling to be turned off.


They call you for adherance reasons.If you are taking your medications correctly then you should need a refill.

Adherance keeps medical costs down for insurance companies so they encourage us to do so.Drugs are the cheaper way for them to keep you healthy(vs doctor visits)

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