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I went to buy milk at the Belle Meade Walgreen's and they had two rows of milk at $1.99 I have bought it at this price before. When I got to the register it rang up over $3.39 and I explained it was on sale.

She called a girl and I showed her the two rows and she said NO it says juice not milk. and the milkman put the overstock in the wrong place. I said I can't read the small print and you have two rows.

Please give at the price She was the manager Michelle and she said NO! I left very unhappy.

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Krichim, Plovdiv, Bulgaria #278194

No it was posted for milk and Walgreen's district manager saw the sign and agreed it was their error in posting and honored the posted price. THEIR ERROR!

in his words.

so YOU ARE AN ***!crawl back under the rock you crawled out of!


The posted price was for juice, not milk. You were, unfortunately wrong, and should have accepted the fact. No one expects you to be happy about it, but you shouldn't expect them to pay for your mistake.

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