I was at the counter in the liquor section about to try to buy a sixpack of beer when the clerk asked me for my ID. I told her that asking me for an ID was ridiculous in view of the fact I am obviously over 21 (I am 68).

At that point my wife (who is 62) came up after looking for a ball for our grandson in the other part of the store. The clerk then demanded that my wife also present an ID. This was just too much for me- I just left the beer on the counter and walked out. After this incident I will never shop at Walgreen's again, for liquor or anything else.

I have bought liquor at many other establishments in NM (starting in 1988 when I was 43) and have never been asked for an ID. I do not think an ID is required by NM state law- this is just a ridiculous Walgreen's policy.

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I just had the same thing happen to me, only it was my 21 year old son who stood at the entrance to the liquor department and said, "Mom, I forgot my ID and can't come in there, but could you buy me these chips?" The clerk immediately said that I could not buy the alcohol because my son is with me and has no ID. Well, what if my son was outside waiting for me or in the car?

What then? I would be able to buy the alcohol. Instead, I had another clerk and a manager stare me down as I was leaving last night at Walgreens where this happened, and the clerk that waited on me talking to me loudly to be heard by all. Absolutely humiliating.

However, even more humiliating was a time at Smith's where I was unable to purchase liquor because the clerk said I was flustered and therefore inebriated, when I was having a time trying to so the self check out. I hadn't had a drink for four days. She wouldn't smell my breath or anything.

These clerks flaunt their power entirely too much. I have boycotted Smith's and now will do so at Walgreen's.


get use to it because when you were younger you said "boys will be boys" and those same boys kill be hind the wheel. (girls too)


isnt it crazy that they do NOT TRUST THE EMPLOYEES. This ia a prime example of BAD leadership.

This has been put in place so that the kids working as a cashier doesnt sell to his/her friends.

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This is not just a Walgreens policy. Many stores are adopting a policy now to ask for ID from anyone buying alcohol regardless of how old they look.

And yes, they will card everyone in your party and if one person doesn't have their ID they will not sell the alcohol. I had the same experience at a liquor store. All they sell is alcohol, and they would not let me buy alcohol as long as my wife was with me because she did not have her ID on her.

So if a store that sells only liquor has this policy, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Walgreens has the same policy. This is becoming common at Walgreens, Walmart, Target (just look at this site and you will find similar reviews/complaints on these stores) so either get used to everyone being carded or stop buying alcohol.

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