Had to change my prescriptions over to Walgreen's Pahrump, Nevada. When I went to get them (two) they did not ask my birth date and I was given scripts that were not mine.

When I did get my script it was minus one script. Asking about it, she found it in this other persons bag. Then when I got home the script said "take 3 pills a day as directed". "two in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night.

doesn't 2 + 1 + 1 equal four? The incompetency is scary.

I am so tired of dealing with idiots.

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Camillus, New York, United States #962100

Pharmacist's I'm sick to death of them there attitude and the fact that they failed/flunked out of MD School and can only be Pharmacist. When you ask them about regulation Morphine or Vicodin or Codeine and you want to get your medicine 1 or 2 days early which is OK by the state of NY who has to put there *** nose in everything we do.

This attitude from the ugliest pharmacists I've ever seen work here at this Walgreens. Now there is one cute and nice woman I deal with and she's great but the ugly ones are so *** nasty and rude.

I had a pharmacist tell me to pick up my script and go elsewhere if I didn't like the policy which she didn't give me Walgreen's policy she gave me here's....

I dealt with another *** pharmacist at Kinney drugs I even talked to the District Manager I was so mad. This woman now works at Walmart where she belongs.

They need to *** out there nasty witchy pharmacists.

to Charly #987318

Except pharmacists have a thing called a doctorate of Pharmacy degree. I'm neither of pharmacist or a prescription drug consumer - but clearly I could see why pharmacists are so callused whilst dealing with addicts who don't understand the regulations that are imposed on businesses.

If corporations are so evil, wouldn't you except companies like walgreens to use a drug dealer's business model and give out free samples to kids? Let you drown yourself in all the prescriptions you desire to make a quick buck, no?

Clearly not. It's like dealing with an overgrown child who screams for candy with rot in their teeth.

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