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For years I used Happy Harry's here in Delaware. They were a small independent chain in Delaware.

When it was Happy Harry's everything was wonderful. The prices of everything in the store were better, they always had some great deals / sales and the pharmacy was excellent. Walgreen's ended up buying out Happy Harry's and that's when everything went downhill. Recently they have been screwing up my prescriptions.

I am a diabetic, so it is very important that I receive my medication. Here recently they have been automatically refilling little things, like pen needles (that I already have probably 15 unopened boxes of) or pricker needles (once again, 15 unopened boxes). They call and tell me to pick it up within 48 hours. All of the sudden it went from 7 days to just 2 days.

They automatically refill every single little thing except for my main insulin. My once daily insulin even gets automatically refilled numerous times. But my main insulin, I'm lucky if I can even get them to fill it, much less refill it. There is always a 'problem'.

Today was the last straw with this awful establishment. I was running low on insulin, so I figured I'd call Walgreen's and see why the heck they hadn't filled my prescription from 08/08/2013. They said they didn't have anything on file, to check back with the doctor's office. So I call my doctor's office.

They said everything was filled out and faxed over on 08/08. Walgreen's calls back with their automatic fill / refill reminder. It says that my insulin is ready for pick up. Oh, wow!

I got it filled without any 'problems'! I go pick up my insulin. I get home and notice my insulin is actually pen needles. I haven't had a problem free insulin fill / refill in close to a year.

Ever since right around this "Rewards Card" thing went into effect, somehow my prescriptions have been getting all screwed up. They blame the doctor, the doctor blames the insurance company and the insurance company blames the doctor, the pharmacy and of course me. I put up with Walgreen's way too long, as soon as I got home and realized their mistake I went to Rite-Aid's web site and transferred my prescription. It's pretty bad I have to contact all three (the doctor, pharmacy and insurance company) when Walgreen's screws up, because they won't admit it and end up playing the blame game.

Usually the doctor's office holds all the answers, the insurance company is useless in trying to figure out any of this. I sure hope other Walgreen's pharmacy customers at least get the proper prescription and don't get lied to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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I am sorry to say that they do cover up their mistakes and deny these ever happened. It is impossible to deal with them and get improvements installed.


It's true. Happy Harry's was the best back in the day.

We never had anyone waiting over 15 mins (as long as there were no issues). I have "waiting" issues with Walgreens. Telling me it will be 2 hours when I call in a script. I don't think so.

I think they've gotten lazy.


I had the same problem with another pharmacy when I used the automatic refill system. One day I got too annoyed and canceled the automatic refill and now once a month I call the pharmacy in person and tell them what refills I need.

Much easier and absolutely no mix-ups. Sometimes those automatic things don't work as good as people think they will.