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I go to see a pain management doctor to receive 4 medications to help with the pain of my 7 disc herniation's. ALL 4 MEDICATIONS ARE TO BE FILLED AT THE SAME TIME and are written to that extent.

In addition, I talked to my doctor about the problem with the pharmacy and she wrote additional instructions on the prescription to MAKE CLEAR AND REMOVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO FILL THE MEDICATIONS. Nevertheless, my prescriptions are staggered to the point that they are filling my some of my medications 2 DAYS LATER THAN PRESCRIBED and I am not getting my medications all together which is screwing up my pain management schedule. I am hoping that someone has a number or website for a pharmacist review board regarding this malpractice. Walgreen's pharmacy in Westpark, Ohio (cleveland 216-252-3102) has lied and said my insurance won't cover my medications when they are due according the prescription so I asked to buy them outright.

The pharmacist refused to let me buy my medications. They put me on "red flag" because I complained as well. There is a strong indication that they are racists and provide sub-standard service to me personally when I am there to pick up or drop off when in comparison to the other customers that are Caucasian (I am Asian). I hope that someone with authority seeks more attention to this matter and brings this kind pharmacy to it's knees with it's lies, deceit and power hungry employees.

I am transferring my prescriptions and WILL NEVER BE A PATRON OF WALGREEN'S PHARMACY AGAIN. One more thing, they also won't let me pick up my prescriptions at night even though they are a 24 hour pharmacy and only will let me pick up my prescriptions after 8 am and before 11 pm. Why a restriction on me? They are controlling every aspect of my ability to get my medications just to cause me headaches even though (like I said) my doctor has called a couple times and wrote notes to figure out why they are doing this to me specifically.

There is NO ANSWER except racism and pharmacists that think they are doctors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Im a white person and they treat me the same way. That's why I went on this sight to get help.

This comment about them being racist is crazy. They just don't care.


I reside in St Lucie county FL and my doctor resides in Kissimmee FL. Walgreens will not fill my medications because my doctor resides in Kissimmee.

This physician is the only physician that can handle the multiple medical needs that i have. There are no physicians around here that can. I need help.

Please anyone, help me! :cry javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')


let me guess the insurance rejected it because it was refill to soon! that is the only regection in which if the customer then asks to pay cash we deny them sorry if your getting your pain med 10 days early its not happening!

in any other case we will allow you to pay cash for example if a patient has a controlled substance but ins will only allow 15 pills a month then we would run the 15 pills for a 15 days supply and cash out the remainder! i actually had one similiar yesterday in which ins would only cover a 21 days supply at a time of a controlled substance! but i explained he can get the full month in one visit if he pays cash for the rest other wise hed have to come back in 21 days for it to be covered my his ins.

it has nothing to do with your ethniticity its our job and some drugs are regulated and we must follow the law or our liscense/cert. is at risk


You're not very specific as to what the "old insurance run around story" pertained to." If a insurance reject/restrict a claim that they submit, that is nothing the pharmacy can do.

You can't also base your comment on another persons problem. For we know, he wanted #30 Viagra pills but his insurance would only allow #6 per 30-days.

And about that #90/$4 at Wal-mart, that is with their member discount, not via your primary insurance. Walgreens have a plain similar to that but it is #90/$12.


I have had the same experience with Walgreen's. I have been taking Levothyroxine daily for over a year.

The original prescription was written to dispense 90 pills, with no refills. Walgreen's was giving me 21 pills and saying I had 1 plus refills. I discussed this with my PCP and she said that it was unlawful to not dispense a script as written. With this said, I called my insurance company just to make sure that their were no restrictions and the rep said absolutely not I should have been given 90 pills for my copay of $10.

So, I called the pharm. and was given the old insurance run around story. ANYWAY, I had my script transferred to Wal-Mart and guess what? I was given 90 PILLS and only charged $4!

I know this has happened to others, because a customer in line once asked why he only got part of his pills and they said insurance..blah, blah, blah. I think they have this ins. BS drilled into their brain.

Regardless, Walgreens is cheating people out of money and this is FRAUD. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I hope others follow suit.


The first thing you probably need to is to obtain a copy of the actual prescription from the doctor. Take it to the pharmacy and discuss with the pharmacy manager what the schedule is supposed to be (according to the actual doctor's instructions, not just what you say the instructions were). The manager can look up and find out why you are not giving the meds as directed.

There could be a couple different reasons why you aren't getting them as suggested by your physician - and unfortunately there are so many meds out there that have differing regulations that it is hard to keep them clear, so your doctor may not even really be aware of the restrictions on one or more of your meds.

When the pharmacy manager looks up the info they can tell you the limits placed on them by government and/or insurance regulations. I understand you offered to pay cash for some of the meds to get back on schedule. The refusal of them to sale them to you suggests more that your meds are strictly regulated by government. Once you have a civil conversation with the Pharmacy Mgr go back to the doctor with what you have found out. They may need to either change meds/dosages to get you covered.

FYI - I suffer from chronic pain also and know this information because I have been there. It's easy to get upset and start throwing the racist accusation out there. But they can't sell you something if you have already had the limits of that particular drug according to what the government regulations are for that drug. They would face severe penalties and possibly have rights taken away. They also probably aren't going to discriminate against a person because that is a lawsuit just waiting to happen. But before you go that route - you BETTER make sure there aren't problems with regulations, etc first.