Austin, Texas
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Walgreen's pharmacy on pecan st. pflugerville ***...

They leave you on hold and don't pick up the phone at all, if there giving a shot to someone, i have tried calling for hours in the past 2 weeks only for them to pick up 1 hour later, saying they were swamped, Bull I drove over there soon after hanging up to find no body was even there So how come they left the phone off the hook... bunch of bull *** they are very under staffed at this store and that is what they dsaid to me, i told them i was going to HEB from now on due to there service at this store

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Lindesberg, Orebro Lan, Sweden #199787

You have way too much time on your hands. To drive to the store to see why they are not answering phone?

Leaving phone off hook does not stop it from ringing. Learn a little paitience, I know old people are in a hurry to die but relax a little

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