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Welcome to the "former Walgreens Customer Club"! I wouldn't fill a prescription there if they were the last pharmacy on earth. I've been a club member for years. My issues with the Walgreen's arrogant, heartless & rude Pharmacists & Techs began in 1995 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I suffered severe pain & nausea. My Oncologist prescribed anti nausea suppositories & opioid pain relievers. On the way home that day, THE day I was told I definitely had a large walnut size tumor deep inside the tissue of my right breast followed by a VERY painful needle biopsy followed by waiting for the bx result which was sent "stat" to the in house lab, I stopped at the friendly neighborhood Walgreen store for ginger ale & to have my prescriptions filled. I handed the Tech my insurance card, ID & of course, the prescriptions. Tech stamped the first script(red ink)with a fill in the blanks type stamp, asked for my dob, ph# & any allergies. THEN she looked at what it was written for, got a pained look on HER face & took it to the Pharmacist who never looked up from what she was doing. A few seconds later, Tech returns & said "we'd have to order this & it won't be in until next Tuesday. Hmmm, well, since I'm in pain NOW that's not really the answer I can accept. I asked the obvious question "Could you please see if another store has the medicine?". Without a word she steps away, makes a call then informs me that their next closest store doesn't have any either & further, "we're not allowed to call every store in the county". I was so upset, so tired, in so much pain & so nauseous I could feel myself coming closer and closer to actually upchucking. Big hot tears started falling down my face for the first time that day which REALLY pissed me off. I wasn't crying because of the pain or even that I'd just been told to prepare myself for surgery to remove one & possibly both ***. What brought me to tears was the ice queen Pharmacist & her underling, who ice queen obviously trained to be her little mini ice queen. Ice Princess is more appropriate, isn't it.

These two women were looking at a pale, anemic & frail looking customer with two prescriptions written by an Oncologist for the dreaded, OMG, 5 or 10mg(I can't remember which)generic morphine tablet. The prescription was for 60 tablets.

I "thanked" Ice Princess for stamping and scribbling all over my prescription as I asked for them back. "We can fill the Phenergan", Ice Princess tells me. I cleared my throat & choked out as best I could, "YOU. GIVE my prescriptions BACK.".

I took a deep breath and drove half a mile to the locally owned, small town, named after it's owner, pharmacy in my little town. Handed the young lady my scripts, ID & insurance card. She smiled directly into my eyes & said "Oh I see we have your dob, ph# & allergies already! Good! I just need your address & we'll have these ready shortly.". Literally, 12 minutes later I had the medications in hand, delivered to me, in person, by the warm, genuine & friendly pharmacist/owner who explained about the medicines & asked if I had any questions. ***, WALGREEN.

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Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #1176001

God bless you my friend


I had a very similar experience yesterday at Walgreens,Wick Rd at Telegraph Taylor,MI 48180. I honestly am so upset by the way I was treated ,that I won't go into details.

I am filing a complaint with the State of Michigan Pharmacutical Board today. So sorry that so many people have had to endure such degrading treatment from a chain drugstore employee suffering with a God complex.

Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1155027

Reading Your comment was heartbreaking and all too familiar with my own experience.

I hope that You are doing much better now.

Yes, every single detail of what You described is exactly what I have experienced myself.

Ice Queens is correct and they all seem to have their own personal little minions that are just a mirror image of themselves. I so easily could have written your comment myself with regard to situation and experience although my Walgreens pharmacy did at least find the medication in another town at a competitor which I was at least thankful for. Still, I was treated exactly the same. I continued to use Walgreens thinking it was just my emotions but it has repeated itself so many times that I just woke up and did what You had the good sense to do in the beginning.

Honestly I am convinced it must have everything to do with Walgreens Pharmacy Policy period. It's scary to think these pharmacists are training and learning this behavior at Walgreens and will later go on to other pharmacies in their career. Those LOCAL pharmacies that I avoided because I thought they were from the Dark ages are now the ones that people need to be using. A return to quality, respectful and compassionate business.

You would think chain stores like Walgreens would have any RX prescribed but they never had all of mine and had to order too but it's just the opposite at those local pharmacies. They seem to have even the most rare of medicines. My new one even has their own elixir for flu and respiratory conditions as well as compounding.

Just wanted You to know that You should not feel alone and I sincerely hope that You are doing and feeling much better.

Thank You for sharing your experience as I was feeling a bit 'victimized' by Walgreens personally.

After reading so many comments here, it is just poor and incompetent care from a chain that HATES their customers and views them with distain. Their pharmacists come here to further victimize their customers by posting insults and down right admissions of customer hating.

Good Luck and Blessing to You.

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