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Walgreen's SUCKS Balls! I hate this Pharmacy.

This location here in Baltimore has the s l o w e s t service anywhere. Even their Drive Thru takes forever! I have complained; I have gone to their Corporate Headquarters; I have emailed them. They just don't give a ***.

They do not answer; they do not return phone calls emails. They really don't give a *** what you think. I got prescriptions there. I returned one of them the next day.

I did not open it, I never tried it. I didn't want it since I looked it up on the web and the counter indications were horrible. They refused to let me return it. They would not give me my money back.

IU hate them so much that I would rather buy drugs off the streets then go back there. DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANYTHING. I bought something else that was marked 2/ $3.00. They would not honor there own price since I bought one.

No one in there will answer a question or help you in any way. I hope they eat *** & die!

This reviewer shared experience about "slowest store in town; wait in line forever; no help whatsoever." and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $27. The author is overall dissatisfied with Walgreens. The most disappointing about hydrogen peroxide prescription from Walgreens was nasty pharmacist, wrong price and no customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Before you say it, I do not work for walgreens and am in no way affiliated with walgreens. Personally I would prefer for my pharmacy to take a little longer and make sure my meds are correct than hurry and make mistakes.

I don't know what kind of wait time you are talking about because you don't specify, but for some powwow a five minute wait is too long, and others don't get angry for thirty to forty. I've never heard of a pharmacy that would return meds after they had left the store. If you had looked up the counter indications previously you could have easily refused the medication or spoken with the pharmacist about an acceptable substitute. It's just not safe or reasonable to accept returns of prescription drugs.

For all they know you switched out the pills for sugar pills and sold the real ones on the street. (Not saying you did, just saying that's the kind of thing they have to think about). Also, when things are in sale for 2 for $3, it's usually because it's a special but they got in and the sale price only applies if the item is bought as advertised. Meaning that if you buy two, they are $1.50 each but if you buy one they might be $2.00 each.

It sounds like the problem is not that they won't answer your questions and more like they do not give you the answer you want to hear. I work for a different retail company.

Please don't ever visit my store. Thank you.


You really think they should take prescription drugs back? Really?

Would you be willing to buy drugs that had been returned?

to ransom #1058683

It's obvious you are a walgreen's employee, right?

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