Costa Mesa, California

To: Walgreen's Chief Operating Officer - Pharmacy Division:

This is a very important topic that I am writing to you about. I am hoping that you would be kind enough to forward this email to your Chief Operating Officer - Pharmacy Division. As part of the Walgreen's "Pink Promise" Program every medication bottle is capped with a "pink" color bottle cap. I am a mother of 3 young children. My youngest daughter, who is 3 years old, thought my medication bottles contained some sort of "candy" due to its nice "pink" cap. She's only 3 years old and mistaken it for chocolate candy which also has a pink color bottle cap. Many candy companies use pink caps as this color is very attractive to children. Although, I always keep my medications away from my children they always find a way to climb up to my cabinet. Out of so many colors why did Walgreen's choose pink ? The color pink always attracts little girls. Girls love the color pink. All other pharmacies use "white" caps. One day a child will accidentally overdose on medication. Myself, I was lucky enough to be able to grab the bottle from my 3 year old's hands. Although, my bottles are child-proof she was able to twist the cap off. I don't understand the reason for a "Pink Promise" why not simply state a "Walgreen's Promise" and revert back to white bottle caps. For the last 50 years, all medication bottles are capped with a white cap and every parent teaches their children to stay away from those white capped bottles.

I very much appreciate your time and attention regarding this serious issue.

Thank You,

Janet P.

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Obviously you don't have any control on your daughter and accept the disrespect she give you.

Then you wonder why your spoilt daughter get an early pregnancy - Ha ha ha ha ha

When a parent tells their children not to touch - it means just that !!!


Instead of blaming Walgreens why not do your job as a parent and teach your child to not take what is not theirs and to not open up medicine bottles that you keep stored out of reach. Same to you skeptic and anonymous.


some people should never be parents, take responsibilities for your actions, stop blaming others for your own inadequacies.

So why don't you complain about the NFL wearing picks shoes & ribbons for a good cause. Why did they pick pink, who knows, but to try and make them guilty because you can't control your own kids is lunacy.


Nobody is objecting to Walgreens supporting an important cause. The original poster and some others are objecting to Walgreens' propaganda about their donation, especially because the form of the propaganda (pink medicine bottle caps) is attractive to children.

Question: did Walgreens spend more on pink bottle caps to publicize their alleged concern than they did on supporting breast cancer research?

Of course everyone does their best to keep medicines away from children. But shouldn't Walgreens make that easier instead of harder, even if it gets in the way of parading their alleged virtue in front of everyone?


Walgreens does NOT donate a thing to anyone...they have their poor cashiers harass the heck out of you, and then "donate" what their patrons have paid for.


WTF are you talking about - Proof read your *** in future !!


We only use pink caps during the month of October in support of Breast Cancer! We donate millions of dollars to the cause every single year.

If your kids find a way to climb up to your medicine cabinet, the simple solution is to put you *** meds somewhere your children can no longer get to them. Walgreens supports many medical research foundations but breast cancer is the largest.

You are really complaining about us supporting a foundation that saves many lives because you are too lazy to put your medication somewhere your child can't reach them? I mean really?



aka RxEmployee:

Shove your condescension up your high and mighty ***

Protecting children doesn't matter to you; all you want to do is your job of running complainants down. I hope someone opens a pink cap and pours those charity dollars down your throat and you choke on them!!!!!!!!


I just picked up a prescription. It has a pinkpromise cap. ...It's August...


Janet P.

You are obviously too *** to be having kids. Lock your meds away better so kids cannot get into them. Seeing your location is California, your stupidity does not surprise me one bit.


I like all of you! Good answers! Good answers!


I have a toddler who saw my med bottle with the pink cap and said...mommy medicine has pink..pretty. But she knew it was meds and did NOT mistake it for candy.

Therefore she knew she shouldn't touch it.

I am at a loss how a parent could blame a pharmacy who is supporting a great cause for their child not knowing the differance between meds and candy. I have NEVER seen candy in a package like a prescription bottle or honestly ever seen candy in any bottle with a pink cap.


It's part of the campaign in October for breast cancer awareness. Pay more attention to your children and stop complaining about the color of a cap.


So, I got this same pink cap in MAY 2014 WHY?????


I have never seen any candy that comes in bottles that look like medicine bottles.


You answered your own question. Keep your meds away from children.

If your kids get into your medicine, it is YOUR fault. Don't blame Walgreens. The pink promise program is a wonderful cause.

Don't cry about the bottle top color. Lock up your meds like a responsible parent.