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After a month, and hours on the phone, no prescription. Doctor submitted it three times - twice by fax, once by phone, before Walgreens "found" it.

That took 10 days. Then Walgreens website kept saying "no orders at this time". More phone calls. "Yes we have the stuff, will ship in a day or so - 17 days delivery (small vial, non-refrigerated).

Several days later, "hasn't shipped, you haven't paid." I'd given credit card #, but even if not, shouldn't their system have noticed and contacted me???? 10 days later. Half of order shipped, overnight, should receive in 7-10 days." Other half "in process". Later "shipped by UPS overnight, due 7 days.

That's a long night. Next call "hasn't gone out.

Will ship out tonight. Two days later, website "order received and processing." Phone/supervisor, "Out of stock, don't know when we will have in stock." Next supervisor "Don't carry anymore - better available."

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Walgreens is a joke.....I asked how much for a generic medicine & they said $42. The W/D store phar.

was $24. My husband went to get denture cream....$6.25 Is $4.25 or less at every other store in town. This place is crazy. Some of their prices are unbelievable.

You almost do a double-take.