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Yesterday 22 August 2014 I had my Doctors Appt. I always go to the Winn-Dixie Pharmacy which is next door to WALGREENS.Winn Dixie was out of one of my pain medications (Percocet).

The first young lady at the counter was very nice ,told me to come back in an hour which I did. The Pharmacist (Donna)pulled me to the side and told me she was refusing to fill my scrip because I DIDNT NEED IT!!!!!!!,she had no Idea what my illness is and did not want to know. I take 8 different prescriptions every month and am a disabled Veteran with 23 years. She treated me like some drug addict off the street.

She refused to call the other pharmacy,my Doctor or Insurance company.

This is becoming way to common in Florida that a simple pharmacist withh no medical degree is deciding who gets drugs they rely on and who doesnt. Thank you Donna

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: I have contacted the Hispanic Anti Defamation League,VA Hosptal & my Local News Station..

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First off your wrong about pharmacists not having a degree.

Secondly, for your information, Walgreens is now under strict guidelines for controlled substances, such the one you were wanting.

Know all the facts before going off the deep end..................

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #862942

Maybe the pharmacist is not as SIMPLE as you when a patient calls a doctor *** because he/she doesn't hand out prescriptions for your PAIN meds.....hmmm


A pharmacist is a doctor check your facts you were probably too soon... Ppl always wanting to blame the pharmacy and play a victim come on really


The face that you are a disabled vet has nothing to do with your complaint. The fact that you brought that up takes away from from your actual complaint.

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