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I was done wrong by Walgreen they fired me for something that I could not help.They are keeping me from getting unemployment.They said that they fired me for no call no show, when I could not call or show. I had my husband go and talk to them for me but that was not good enough.If you get into some civil problems and you go to jail you can more then likely expect to lose your job for not being able to get in touch with them yourself. they do not care what happened to you.No matter how long you worked for them or how hard you worked.

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Uhhh yeah a no call no show is exactly what you did. They are supposed to know your in jail??

If they don't give you a paycheck and forget to tell you about it what would you do?? ***

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This is part of being a responsible adult. You being in jail is not a reason to not be able to call your job.

You did not get unemployment because you were fired for something that was in your control. If you take care of your civil matters, you dont go to jail.


Easy solution, dont get arrested.

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