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walgreens has rude pharmacy manager in there east morristown tn stores that think they are the doctors and you have to take what they recomend instead of what you know helps you one even recomended a product allergy d that each pill contained 120mg of pseudoephedrine vs the walfed which has only 60mg per pill and they are suppose to be trying to prevent pill heads from obtaining the drug used to make *** what idiots walgreens should not only look at school records but when hiring consider how much common since

each of there applicants for ther pharmacy area has not every one trying to purchase otc drugs are drug addicts

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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If you dont want to take the recommendation then dont freaking ask them to recommend anything all I are doing is wasting there time if u know whats best for u then save everyones time and dont ask ..... and they may not be doctors but guess what they went to school almost as long and they know that is best for ur symptoms.....and its just a recommendation not a promise just like a recommendation from a doctor they try to treat the problem but everyone is different so it may or may not help u but ... please being a part of the pharmacy community we try hard at our jobs n ur not the only one we serve so dont be an *** respect us


If you had any idea how many druggies I am forced to sell Sudafed and needles to everyday you would get over yourself. Try taking a shower and talking politely to the cashier so she has no reason to think you are using meth...cruel???


Wrong??? nope.

Wagener, South Carolina, United States #394047

I couldnt understand this post AT ALL


Speaking of school, where is the puntuation in this group of words. Your comparing 2 different drugs, maybee they were trying to help with what would work best.

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