Walgreens on Divisadero/Lombard in San Francisco must hand pick the worst pharmacists on the planet. They give RUDE a new definition.

In fact, I think it's called, "Walgreens!"

I stopped shopping there for approx 5 years because they could not 1. fill prescriptions even after 24 hours of doctors calling it in, 2. Treated customers like doormats.

I returned recently and nothing has changed. However, it has gotten worse (hey, that's change, just not in the right direction).

In addition to long lines full of sick people more pleasant than the pharmacisits, I was directed to 3 different pharmacists all of which directed me to another one (even though I simply wanted to know if my medication---in the future---could be filled generically). None of them were interested in helping me. And there was no reason for me to have to go to multiple pharmacists to find this answer. It's not a hard one.

RUDE RUDE RUDE. Eventually, I left and transferred my Rx somewhere else.

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