Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I am working out of state, long hours. I went to Walgreens in Bixby Oklahoma to fill my prescription and she would not fill it because I was a day late!!

Since when is there a law on not filling it because you WORK 14 hours a day and can't make it in!!

Anyways, the pharmacy right down the street had no problem filling it for me!! I will not be taking my business back to Walgreens as it is pretty retarded a working person can't fill there meds there if its not the exact day of prescription date!!

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Really, maybe you should take your lunch hour and see that your Rx is filled on time. If you needed it so bad, why let it expire? :?


something is missing in your story. I work at a pharmacy before.

You either try to get you medication early, or your prescription were expired. Please tell the whole story, don't just leave part of it out. You just make it look bad on you. I dont work for Walgreens but situation like you I deal with it everyday.

By the way, yet there is Law not to fill an expire rx. But if some pharmacy just want your money, they just change the date in their computer and fill it for you.

If the board audit them, it is the going to be a problem. The pharmacist that fill the early/expired scrips can be fine or even loose their license for continue doing that!


Sorry, but it isn't your pharmacist's fault. The one that turned it away was following the law.

The one that filled it was actually breaking the law. There are rules to follow and if not there are people that will fine you for breaking the law.

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