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I reside in St.lucie county FL and my physician resides in Kissimmee FL.

I cannot fill my prescriptions at any Walgreens because my doctor is located in Kissimmee FL and i am located in Ft. Pierce FL. I need help please from any one that can help me rectify my problem. I need my medication for multiple health that i have.

I have spoken to several corporate and district Walgreens persons and they all say the same thing. There is nothing that they can do! It is suppose to be up the Pharmacist discretion whether they will fill the rx or not.

By the way, this medication is not related to the oxycodone epidemic...Whether its a attorney i need to obtain or a News Broadcast, I will make sure that this problem gets out to the public!

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Naples, Florida, United States #596305

Must be a controlled substance.No pharmacy has to fill any script they feel is not legitimate.

If your physician has a habit of writing bogus oxy or roxie scripts no one will fill them. Perhaps you should fill the script in Kissimmee since your doctor is there.

Or find another physician close to your own home.Taking a narcotic to a pharmacy to another county to fill is a dead giveaway of abuse and no pharmacist with any sense will risk his license or freedom for it.


pain pills being denied for customers that need them to make it to cancer treatments /radiation treatments is just crazy you can defend all you want. But it is just wrong on all levels!!

This a a domino effect based on the pain pills !!! WRONG ON ALL LEVELS

Russellville, Alabama, United States #584400

Really, does anyone in Florida not know about the "Pill Mills" in the state.Walgreens is just protecting their permits/license.

If your MD has a history of over prescribing narcotics then the pharmacist is well withing their rights to refuse to fill a prescription. I bet this was not a hypertensive or diabetic medication.

I am not defending Walgreens, believe me I have many issues with their corporate structure.I am however defending the profession of pharmacy to use good sound medical judgement to help patients with medical issues.


Again seems like bad management all around at WALGREENS.. They must not be making enough money on your prescriptions to want to fill it!! Which I would say started with the pain pills Domino effect!!


why don't you just go to another pharmacy? Why does it HAVE to be walgreens?

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