New Orleans, Louisiana
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Ok, you need a passport photo. Go to the nice people at Walgreens, they can do that.

Two days later you get a call that the picture is ready. Go to the store to pick up the picture and you get Eric. Eric has no words, so you say - 'I came to pick up a passport photo, last name'.... Eric looks like you have just asked for the secret of eternal life..then to the bin for the picture.

No, not there, maybe back here, ooh look at the computer (not a single word from Eric, so this is kinda entertaining watching to see just where he thinks the 2x2 picture may be hiding). Eric goes in the back and comes out with Laura. Laura says show the man the pictures on the kiosk, let him pick it out.and reprint the picture. Laura leaves, some other crisis related to a coupon.

I pick the missrus, and Eric does the adjustment .. wait that is too light for a passport photo, no Eric says 'I'll make the adjustment over there'. While the picture prints - Eric looks in the bin and finds the envelope .. horray!

No, it has some 20 year old guy's picture inside. Once I explain that it is not my wife - Eric puts the pictures back in the envelope (with my name on the outside) and PUTS IT BACK in the photo bin. I can't wait for that call. Naturally the picture Eric adjusted was three shades of pale.

But, he did offer me a 20% discount.

Lousy employees, Lousy service, Lousy photos.

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They get bare bones training in this if they are lucky. The suits up top want every store running on a bare bones budget.

complain to corporate about their lack of training tell them to stop cutting budgets do not relent. They do not listen to the store employees.


Usually passport photo's only take 10 mins, did you just not have the money to pay for the pictures at the time? No wonder everything got so messed up.

Not to mention the poor employee could have been new and incredibly nervous and you just come barging all scary and intimidating and then accusing him of being deaf and dumb. What gives?


He had "no words" because he was 5 seconds away from snapping and stabbing you in the neck with a pen! We deal with all sorts of *** on a daily basis and you're just one of them


Hey ***, Blame the company for the lack of training.