Little Falls, New Jersey
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The clerk at a Walgreen pharmacy told me - misleadingly -- that there is a new regulation (implying it was governmental) that my physician must supply my diagnosis for me to receive medical releases. I agreed and was called by my physician's staff informing me that Walgreen's asked for my medical records - even office notes.

This is unethical, deceptive, and possible illegal. I recommend that all offended customers file a complaint against the individual pharmacist in their store.

The corporation is too large and well funded to be concerned about individual complaints. The pharmacists must be held responsible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Walgreens privacy abuse
  • privacy abuse by walgreens
  • Walgreens ethical violation
  • Walgreen pharmacy
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Similar stories of my own & a dozen friends or more in Florida Duval County. Walgreens- Walmart took duty of care over one month only.

Crazy they get away w this. I am calling Morgan & Morgan asap.


I posted this on this site on another post: GET INVOLVED AND GET YOUR VOICES HEARD its time to take our rights back........Its not only Walgreens that are violating our rights. The DEA is heavily involved as well as countless Pharmacies that treat suffering chronic pain patients like were criminals.....

I am outraged and sick and tired of trying to get my medications filled without being totally lied, discriminated against, and basically tagged a "drug addict." I was involved in a serious car accident that nearly claimed my life over 20 years ago. I was in rehab for 5 months and then another year of outpatient therapy to piece together my shattered neck and body. I had to learn how to walk/talk/eat/get dressed again. From that day on my physical/mental life was never the same. I never took precription drugs to combat the chronic debilitating pain that I have endured religously since that dreadful night. That was until four years ago when the pain was so intense that it rendered me immobile and basically in a fetal position. I went to a pain specialist and went through a series of different medications to combat the pain. Finally we found a medication that WORKED which was Roxycodone. I never felt such relief in 20 years of chronic pain. It was like God answered my prayers. I went into Walgreens a few days ago to get my Prescriptions filled. They had the medication and they have a 72 hour " well let me decide if I want to fill it or not policy." I spoke with the pharmacist and also brought my MRI results in to PROVE my medical condition. He didnt even care to read my MRI results. He was pompous and rude. I never felt so belittled and discriminated against in my life. He asked me why my previous pharmacy could not fill it and I told him they were completely backlogged 5 weeks out for the Roxycodones. I left the pharmacy and returned home only to be in bed immobile, fetal position, waiting for an answer that provoked me to take action. I received a call from the pharmacist and he told me that I did not qualify for there good faith refilling policy? He said he could not tell me the reasons as to why it was denied as company policy dictates this as well as having every Walgreens alerted about me . I WAS OUTRAGED. What the *** is going on this is crazy I said to myself. I have reliously gone to my Doctor every month to receive my Prescriptions. I am not a drug addict nor have I gone outside of my doctors orders to receive this medication. I follow the rules and had never deviated from it. The only thing that I had done was go to different pharmacies to get my meds filled, only if my primary pharmacy was out of stock. Something needs to be done as these pharmacists and there Corp dictate who gets medication and who doesnt. Is there anything that we as consumers can be done to change this horrid situation? I know that my medication is a hugely popular drug amongst the druggies out there, but this medication is what gets me barely through a day. I am totally disgusted with someone else dictating what is good for me and what is not. I am going to contact my local TV stations out here as well to bring this issue to life. It's my life mission to rally for legitimate chronic pain sufferers, like myself, whom have tried other forms of therapy( I tried everything to relieve my pain without meds with ZERO success). I am tired of having no voice when it comes to being a victim in this situation. I am BOYCOTTING Walgreens and everything associated with it. I am disgusted with the non-compassion in terms of these Pharmacists who are playing god now and making me and 1000's of other legitimate chronic pain sufferers who have to struggle with these companies to get the proper medical attention that we need to get through 1 day of life.

The only solution I can think of is initiating a class action lawsuit against Walgreens, et al.. I have contacted Morgan & Morgan (http://www:.forthepeople?.com/contact_us?.htm) and urge anybody who is having a similar problem to do the same/. They may be reached at: 877-667-4265.