Minnetonka, Minnesota

I am pissed! Walgreen's pharmacist has been calling me to check that I am O K.

Isn't that nice that they have such concern for my well being? The pharmacist tells me that Humana, my pharmacy plan provider, is also concerned about my health. Seems that they have noticed that I have not filled my prescription on time. Since trying to call Humana is almost impossible I find it hard to believe my health is of great concern to them.

What is happening is that the Walgreen's missed a sale, and Humana cut a deal with pill manufacturers to purchase x number of pills.

This is not the robo call that you should place an order for a prescription; it is the pharmacist in person calling. What a bunch of pill pushers!

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This happens for 2 reasons

1. Medicare plans are required to provide certain services to target groups of patients based on specified criteria. This often includes such calls as part of that program.

2. Meds are only covered because they keep you healthily and often prevent more expensive care such as hospitalization and ER visits. If you elect not to take these meds, they have just paid for essentially expensive *** on the days you decide you want to take the medicine and also will likely incur additional expenses due to doctor visits, more meds to address problems being treated because you do not admit to not taking what's already prescribed, and in some cases ER visits and hospital stays.

The call was very likely at the insistence of your insurance. They often feel like you are more likely to work with someone you know from the pharmacy vs a nurse in a call center. And if the insurance was kind enough to pay the pharmacy for this service, it was a nominal amount. The pharmacy is often only receiving a few dollars above the cost of the medicine to fill a prescription, and it is often less than the overhead involved.


The sad thing is if this were the other way around and they did not remind her of her pills she would complain about that as well. There is just no pleasing bit*hes, especially those on their periods every day rather than once a month for 3-7 days.


wow! it is really sad that you think that the real reason behind the phone call. your cold miserable soul.


Sound to me like you need a chill pill.


Sound to me like you need a chill pill.


They are forcing pharmacists to do it or have a target on ur back it sickens me most pharmacist are real ppl too and they don't like doing as much as u like getting the phone calls they rather be helping the customers that are asking for help