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My wife has severe asthma, and Primatene is the only thing that keeps us from having to drive to the emergency room once or twice a month.

Apparently there are some new policies in place at Walgreens that require the pharmacy staff to treat anyone asking for these little yellow life-saving pills like sh*t. We went to 2 different Walgreens to try and buy the Primatene tablets for my wife, both of which turned her away and the staff purposely tried to embarrass her in front of other customers. My wife has prescriptions for Albuterol (emergency inhaler) and Symbacort for her asthma. The staff at both Walgreens pharmacies dont care about that though, they only see someone looking to make METHAMPHETAMINE. Hmmmm, lets see... my wife, homeschooling 2 daughters, trying to simply breathe because of all the summer pollen in the air, trying to buy Primatene for her METH LAB in the shed out back.... ***, ***,***

"Well if you dont fill your medications here then you need your doctor to prescribe it to you or we cant sell it to you".... K, so my wife needs to get a flippin prescription for a NON PRESCRIPTION medication?

We purposely do not fill her meds at Walgreens because THEY ARE WAY TOO EXPENSIVE THERE. Walgreens sucks, and their staff sucks as well.

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The *** hoops that ppl go through just a 10 dollar box of NON prescription primatene tabs that can save my life when an attack comes upon me. I cant afford to drop 100 bucks just to a script for something else that will probably cost me another 100.

Was not that long ago when I could buy the tabs and even the inhaler right off the shelf next to the allergy meds. This is ***


I have the same problem. Seems like most pharmacies are not carrying this medicine any more. It's a gamble to try and find a store that has it, many are just not re-ordering it I guess.


I called the company and it will be back on shelves in a few months. Ingredient supply issues.

You DO NOT need a prescription They are NOT being discontinued. Be available after first of the year.

to ChancyVD #1598428

11/16/2018 You are right, I just finished a phone conversation with a rep at Pfizer and it is a supplier issue with the components that make the product. They "Will" be back on the shelves, and for pharmacies to hold us hostage for a non-prescription product is insane.

I'm not a criminal using this for illegal reasons, I just want to breathe. I work in a very intense warehouse environment and if you run your finger along any rack you will see what is in the air.

Face mask or not I still need the relief and safety it provides once I go home. I just want to breathe.


I’ve been using Primateen for 35 or 40 years... I was pissed when these fu&$ing Mothertruckers stopped the inhaler!

Then they sat at the hassle of asking for an ID like if I’m gonna make *** with it ! Now they are forcing people to go to the doctors ( which I don’t trust or visit) glorified mechanics that they are ! To spend money for nothing! NOTHING WORKS BETTER FOR ME NOT EVEN PRESCRIPTION STUFF!

I tried to get the Walgreens brand which works also but not as strong!

Now I’m having to buy this bronkaid meh gotta say it worked but not as well! IM FREAKING PISSED

to Anonymous #1593710

I feel the exact same way.

to Anonymous #1593711

If I didn't have the mist in the 70s, I would be dead now.

to Anonymous #1595778

I have experienced the same and I as equally as pissed.


so we need a prescription to get them now? If so the pharmacy should be telling people that instead that they don't have them!

to patricia #1580437

Doubtful, more likely that they have the perscription form of Ephedrine but Primatene (which also has an expectorant) is on back-order. Much how there is also perscription ibuprofen. They are just claiming it's going to be perscription only in error - this would mean its been rescheduled.


Just talked to our local Walmart today and they now say that they are no longer able to order primatene, after being told the past several months of supplier back orders!!! It's the only thing that works for my husband

to Penny K #1593932

Yep i hear that same thing


My husband has Asthma and COPD. Primates is the only OTC med that has helped him.

We live in N.

FL and everywhere we go, there is none and we have been told same as y'all (it's on back order) As for being treated like a drug dealer? Oh *** yes, us too.

to Cindy T in Fl #1576677

Make that Primatene not primates dang Autocorrect


I suffer from asthma also. Kroger can't get it from their supplier.

No response from the mfg. Have had to shop around and running out of options. Pirmatene works great and keeps med costs down.

Actually recommended by my asthma, allergy dr. Starting to miss the little yellow pills.


I called Pfizer today and they told me that it was a supplier issue and that it would be a few more months.

to Dan #1575653

Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and Rite Aid are not discontinuing the sale of Primatene. I don't care what you're local pharmacist said.

They know about as much as you and I do. As to the pharmacists I have spoken to. They told me it's on back-order. Which can be verified by calling Pfizer.

The rep told me that it's a supply issue and it will be limited for the next few months. This goes on every few years or so. And there's always people claiming that XYZ store is going to discontinue it.

So until Pfizer, or XYZ store's corporate heads state that they will discontinue it. Don't believe it.

to Dan #1575662

Sorry, Dan. This was not a reply to you. I erred in posting it and cannot delete it.


I agree I also need Primatine tablets but no able to find them anywhere.


Yesterday, CVS pharmacist told me that CVS will no longer be carrying Primatene tablets. And my Kroger Pharmacy just keeps saying it's on back-order.

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