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My wife has severe asthma, and Primatene is the only thing that keeps us from having to drive to the emergency room once or twice a month.

Apparently there are some new policies in place at Walgreens that require the pharmacy staff to treat anyone asking for these little yellow life-saving pills like *** We went to 2 different Walgreens to try and buy the Primatene tablets for my wife, both of which turned her away and the staff purposely tried to embarrass her in front of other customers. My wife has prescriptions for Albuterol (emergency inhaler) and Symbacort for her asthma. The staff at both Walgreens pharmacies dont care about that though, they only see someone looking to make METHAMPHETAMINE. Hmmmm, lets see... my wife, homeschooling 2 daughters, trying to simply breathe because of all the summer pollen in the air, trying to buy Primatene for her *** LAB in the shed out back.... ***, ***,***

"Well if you dont fill your medications here then you need your doctor to prescribe it to you or we cant sell it to you".... K, so my wife needs to get a flippin prescription for a NON PRESCRIPTION medication?

We purposely do not fill her meds at Walgreens because THEY ARE WAY TOO EXPENSIVE THERE. Walgreens sucks, and their staff sucks as well.

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It's a Sudafed item. If they want to sell it, They have to abide by the law as is now.

THERE IS NO CHOICE. you can be offended and get personally butthurt but it's law. No one can override it. If it is so important that you need it multiple times a month.

Get a script. That's the only legal way yo get around it.

That is for every Sudafed item including primatene and bronkaid. You can't get mad and demand people violate law.


Company policy & law are 2 different things entirely. There is NO law that requires you have a prescription for those pills.

They DO have to get your name & address from a driver's license that goes into a database.

Please don't spread false information. Walgreens has continuously & constantly, over that course of the past decade+, far exceeded what was required by law with their own policies.


I have been able to purchase the primatene mist tablets at the local Walmart. They are a “ behind the counter” item.

They will ask to see your drivers licenses. I have never asked how often I can purchase them, because they usually last me at least a year or more. Going to see my asthma doctor soon for prescription for an inhaler and plan on asking about how often the tablets can be purchased without a prescription? Also hoping I can get an inhaler and refills when needed without going to the doctor so often?

There should be an easier way to get these meds when you can’t breath and a simple pill or inhaler will do the trick! Doctor visits are expensive!


Walmart has tablet just need id


I bought some cough medicine at Walgreen , I used my credir card Freedom , next thing the teller want my i.d and date of birth , theses people are full of it .


Had a similar experience - not only with Walgreens but RiteAid, CVS and Duane Reed (NYC), all of which Walgreens has bought in last few years. Walgreens wants only to sell its store brands.

I hope they get sued for anti-trust violations. When I go back to city, will check out some of the smaller drugstores to see if they have it.


Lmao Walgreens did big buy CVS. You are lying. Maybe you don’t realize it but you sound ridiculous


Yes the same thing happened to me 2yrs in walgreens they were rude and refused to sell them saying it was their policy now , I was so embarrassed .I always got them there before needed for asthma they work better asthma medicine prescribed .I also now 2018 every store I go to says on back order how long is back order 3yrs if they are stopping the sale of them, just tell consumers. Dont lie and say on back order and if the manufacture is telling the stores that ,it is not true.

The manufacture needs to know they are not selling them or ordering them any more even thought they may be in stock ,we are not all drug addicts we use for the sole purpose of asthma .It discrimination not to sell or act in a manner like you are an addict .

they are controlled you have to have valid id and can only buy so many . They should be able to track


Bronkaid works, although not as well as Primatene. Nevertheless, I have been using Bronkaid as a substitute when my asthma flares, or when I suffer bronchitis on top of my asthma.

I have found that I can buy the 60 count package of Bronkaid online, whereas our local Walmart carries only the 24-count package. Indiana State law requires that one purchase no more than 3.6 grams for any one purchase or in any one month and Bronkaid tablets contain 25 mg, each meaning that a 60 count package is 1.5 grams. One can therefore legally purchase 2 boxes, which in my case will last a year or more. Online shipments are not available in all states, though, and one does have to provide a PDF copy of photo ID.

And it is extremely expensive. But it is worth it to have the Bronkaid available for my most terrible asthma attacks.


I'm sure if Primatene comes back on the market, it won't be as effective as it was. What's wrong with these people anyway?

It is the only medication that works for my son in law so let's get rid of it!! Our health care programs are a farce.


Completely agree. And this was at RiteAid that has been taken over by Wallgreen's.

They had a box of Bronkaid instead. So I got that, and it works fine. BUT: RiteAid/Wallgreen's is discontinuing that, too! I can only conclude that they don't want customers having an OTC option when there is so much more money to made by Rx drugs.

But I agree: won't even consider the possibility of filling Rx at any RiteAid or Wallgreen's again. They're not a help to those who struggle with getting through the week with occasional breathing issues.


Yea, I agree, Walgreens in millington,TN is the worse, thank god for Walmart, that’s where I get my scripts and stuff from.


I’ve been getting Primatene and my regular prescription drugs from my local Albertsons Savon Pharmacy for over 20 years. They told me today they would no longer be carrying the product.

They said they could no longer get it from the manufacturer. Like others here, I’ve had seasonal asthma my whole life. Always in the spring and fall and some perfumes cause me to have asthma. My doctor prescribed me an asthma prescription but it made my heart pound so fast and hard I couldn’t take it.

I told my doctor and he’s the one who initially told me to try Primatene as it wasn’t as strong as the prescription meds. Sure enough thats all I needed. My asthma went away but I didn’t have that heart pounding, out of breath feeling. My doctor prescribes me a rescue inhaler but because of Primatene, the original date written for the 5 refills he gives me always expire before I even have to use them.

In the 1980’s the company took it off the market for a while to take out an ingredient that drug dealers were using to make illegal drugs. Shame on the manufacturers for treating those of us who really need like they have done.

They want us to be forced to have to use one of their pharmaceutical drugs for the money!!! What goes around comes around and the greed from these companies will have their comings one day!!!

@D Watkins

This is not only the Big Pharmacies - I get the same responses from small family owned pharmacies. The Primatene tablets and inhaler always worked better for me than anything a doctor has prescribed.

One is Prednisone which caused bone problems (4 HIP SURGERIES & 2 SHOULDER SURGERIES) which I experience constant pain & now can't get pain meds. I don't wish any harm to anyone, but I only can hope those making these laws never have to experience what many of us are going through.


In all honesty I believe it is going to be taken out of production. Too many drug addicts who's parents are suing the pharmaceutical companies for getting their "poor little innocent babies" addicted to drugs.

In the end it hurts people who use the medication for it's intended purpose. These drug addicts were already losers.

They just turned to Primatene, and the like, as a last resort, f$&@?!ng over those of us who really need it. The parents of these creatures should have been more responsible to begin with and their "things" would not have turned to drugs in the first place.


Obama pulled it bc an ingredient effected them” environment”. That ingredient has been removed and it’s back on the shelves.

Just bought a box today at Walmart. It was at pharmacy counter.


The *** hoops that ppl go through just a 10 dollar box of NON prescription primatene tabs that can save my life when an attack comes upon me. I cant afford to drop 100 bucks just to a script for something else that will probably cost me another 100.

Was not that long ago when I could buy the tabs and even the inhaler right off the shelf next to the allergy meds. This is ***

@joe m

What was that in 1945? Could you also buy cocaine at the drug store?


I have the same problem. Seems like most pharmacies are not carrying this medicine any more. It's a gamble to try and find a store that has it, many are just not re-ordering it I guess.


I called the company and it will be back on shelves in a few months. Ingredient supply issues.

You DO NOT need a prescription They are NOT being discontinued. Be available after first of the year.