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i buy a olay face lotion from walgreens 2 and half week ago. lost the receipt and wanted to return to get store credit.

took it back and the manager MR Daz a indian guy wouldn't take back my item he told me that walgreens don't take back stuff without a receipt. i came home sadden and angry. next day i went back and told him to take it back and give me a store credit he then told me again that he cannot take it back. Another manager Mr martin came and treated me like a thief and said he personally knew me and that i return stuff all the time and he cannot take it back.

I stated that if its his job to know when i take stuff back or if its his job to return it as according to the store policy. I can recall returning stuff like 3 time within the year without a receipt and he was personally singling me out like every black person who come and return stuff to the store is me.he stating that i did and i didn't. he then went on to say he personally knew me and i was pissed that he said that. i took my product and went to another Walgreens on jericho turnpike and another manager there refused to return my item at first then after a while i stated that the i will call the corporate store he took it back and give me less than the lowest selling price.

i cant believe that walgreens could allow this to happen. i complained about both managers and filed a complain with the corporate office and waiting for a call back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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she still did not need to be treated like she stole something. And it was wrong to have said I have watched her before. That's not only werid..but rude.


I do not think she meant it that way with how she described the guy. He still had no right to assume she was stealing.

and the fact that he said I know you. That is just rude and he did not have to go there with her. how else was she suppose to tell people about the guy. i am a white girl dating a half thai and half white man.

and i have to say this..i hate talk like that too..but sometimes people have a issue with you right from the start and it's hard to understand what the *** they are talking about.

i am on both sides on this one. LET HER VENT..MMMMMK.;)


Was calling someone an "Indian Guy" really that necessary when you're playing the race card? You make it as if you're racist yourself.


Next time, save the receipt and don't wait two weeks to return it.

Some items and over a certain amount will not be returned ever without a receipt, especially something like Olay that you could have gotten at WalMart for cheaper than sold at Walgreens.

And pulling the race card is so last year, go cry to Jesse Jackson.


Walgreens has right to refuse any return. And your complaint to corporate, guess who is calling, the store manager. No reicpt no return, get used to policy


Not all Walgreens sell their items at the same price, and if the item was on sale the day you were returning it, you can only get store credit for the sale price because you didn't have a receipt, how will they know you didn't buy it while there was a sale going on?

Managers can look up how recently an item was paid for at their store through their inventory, did you know?

Two and a half weeks ago is a pretty accurate date for someone without a receipt.

Not to mention the website says "In-store returns will be handled at the discretion of the individual store manager."

Oh well...