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On July 19, 2011 at around 4:15pm, I went to the Fairview Heights, IL Walgreens location to get a simple antibiotic prescription for my child filled. The doctor called it in. We called the Walgreens location to make sure they received presciption and to make sure they had our insurance information for the discount.

While running errands, I went to the Walgreens drive through. I pulled up to the farthest away of the two drive ups. It has a little red cage to transport stuff to and from your car. A car was in the closer lane so I waited. After about 4 or so minutes, I saw a young lady with glasses close out her dealing with that car. That car started to pull out and I saw the lady talking but couldn't hear her. My window was down, but A/C was on high. It was almost 100 degrees out. I turned the A/C down and told her I neede to pick up a prescription for my daughter giving her full name very clearly. The lady started to work at the computer. She then asked me to spell the last name again. I did so very slowly and loudly (all 6 letters). I told her the prescription should cost $12. I put in $20, my driver's license, and insurance card.

The red cart closed and took the stuff to the lady. She disappeared. After about 3 or 4 minutes, a car pulled up. The lady came back and started to wait on them. After she had talked to them, I pushed the white button to get her attention. She told me to wait. So, I waited. She had returned with the other cars prescription and gave them their change. The car pulled out and the lady disappeared. ANOTHER car pulled up in the closest spot. She returned and began waiting on that car. I waited until she was done talking to them initially and pushed the white button again to find out if there was a problem or what was taking so long. It had been about 8 or more minutes. She picked up the phone and told me to just wait.

By now, I was waiting, in the sunlight, with my window down, in 100 degree heat. I have given my driver's license, $20 and insurance card to someone that won't give me the decency of talking with me so I may ask what is going on or how long it will take. I am simply told twice to wait. So, I drove around and went inside and walked to the pharmacy counter. As I walked up, a 2nd lady told me that my prescription was being mixed and would be done shortly. I told her I didn't care what was going on now and that I wanted my driver's license, $20 and insurance card. She again told me that "he was just about done mixing it". I told her I called the prescription in hours ago. She said they do not mix this antibiotic in advance (Amoxycillin).

I was probably waiting at the drive up for 8 to 10 minutes total. Had I known the prescription was being mixed and would take a little bit of time, I would have probably gone inside to stay cool and shopped a bit. I was in no particular hurry. But, I was cutoff twice and told to wait when I pushed the white button.

I told her I had been waiting patiently outside but that the lady at the window would not even talk to me about what the delay was TWICE. I told her I was simply told both times to wait without explanation. The 2nd lady, at the inside counter said she was sorry. The 2nd lady handed me my $20 and my driver's license but no insurance card. I then asked her for that. She said there wasn't one. I told her indeed there was. She then asked the lady at the window if it was in the red box. It was found in there where I had put it and returned to me. I then said I was going to talk to call a manager.

However, I had a problem a long time ago with getting a prescription filled at this Walgreens and got no where talking to a manager about it. So, I am sharing this extremely poor and rude customer service experience at Walmart. I had already moved my maintenance drug prescriptions to KMart not too far away about 2 years prior because I didn't like dealing with this particular Walgreens. My wife had this prescription called into Walmart so I had little choice. Also, Walmart would fill the exact same prescription without an insurance card or insurance for only $4. Walgreens wanted $12 for the same generic.

I can say that 4 or 5 Walgreens pharmacy workers were looking at me with some degree of shock on their faces when I said what I did and that I was cancelling the prescription. They also heard me say how I was treated at the drive up. The young lady at the window didn't show any sign of concern about the whole affair. No apology, no explanation from her, nothing. I can't say she did what she did on purpose in not letting me ask a question twice, but you might think the 2nd time I pushed the white button might have been the time to actually find out why the person is pushing the button and not tell them to just wait and then hang up.

The young lady working the window needs some serious retraining in customer service and general decency to ask customer's what they need when they push the white button to talk to the person inside. Walgreens had a chance to get my business back, but never again. I told my wife to never, ever, do business with Walgreens again.

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I used to get my prescriptions from The Medicine Shop. Never had any problems; they were great.

HOWEVER, ever since Walgreens bought them out three months ago, I have yet to get a refill that is correct. I have been told it's ready, when it's not. I got an automated phone call today that said my Rx was delayed, yet when I called them for an explanation, at first they couldn't find them, and when they did, I had 9, count them, NINE prescriptions ready. I had called in two.(I don't get 9 medications).

And the staff is rude. It's like their too busy to be half-way nice. I am looking for a different pharmacy, and as soon as I find one, I am moving my business there, as if Walgreens would care. Every time I have been there in the last 3 months, the staff has been rude.

I see I am not alone. I am a nice person, and give every break to people, but to be consistently rude, and not get the prescriptions correct even once in 3 months, points to severe management problems.


by originator: it was about 99 or so degrees I need to let my car overheat?...dont just ignore a customer you leave hanging outside when customer has pushed button to find out what causing such a delay.....tell customer its being mixed and it will be a few minutes.....I would have gladly come inside.....and this pharmacy has gotten worse....i went back several times to see how they are lately and they've been out of very com,on drugs for a week and a half twice....i had one prescription filled xferred to close by CVS and it was filled within hours.....there is a major distribution warehouse 50 miles can they be out of several common drugs for over a is where i go now...and to one replier I already knew how much it would cost because I took care of that when I called the prescription in about an hour earlier.....whats the point of taking a prescription in advance over the phone from a customer if it has to be mixed once you show up.....seems relevant to share this on phone with the customer initially


This Place is THE WORST PHARMACY EVER!!!!!! I am switching all my prescriptions to another place.

I am tired of their indifference and rudeness towards customers!!!! Thats it Walgreens, hope you like losing more and more customers!


Really!!??!! 8 to 10 minutes without air-conditoning??!!

Bless your heart!!!! LOL....oh sorry...but really?


To Long Winded, store manager thinks he/she has control and let him/her think that way. The truth is store managers don't want to even step in pharmacy.


If you talk as much as you type i wouldnt want to talk to you either. This could have been one paragraph. You medicine couldnt be mixed till you got there,probably couldnt here them from your rambling.

And to j the manager has total control over pharmacy


No pharmacy will mix an antibiotic until the customer is there to pick it up because they are only good for a certain amount of time and most have to be stored in the fridge after being mixed. That said, mixing an antibiotic takes all of about 1 minute, more if there's flavor added or if it's a large quantity.

Sounds to me like your Rx wasn't ready yet and they were still processing it. There were also likely people inside being served - the drive thru doesn't get priority, everyone is in a hurry. Also you shouldn't send your insurance card or anything else unless they ask for it. Since you'd already called to verify it was on file, there was no reason to send it.

Your drivers license was also probably not necessary.

Not to mention sending cash when you haven't been told a cost yet...

You don't want to speak to a "manager" you want to speak to the pharmacist in charge, or pharmacy manager if available. The store manager has NO authority over the pharmacy.