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The Balance Rewards Card is the worst! It's for rich people.

I'm always getting $5.00 or more off next purchase. But it MUST BE USED within 24 hours. So the balance rewards are useless. After you spend a ton of money one day, who has $$ to immediately within 24 hours spend $20 or more again.

At least CVS gives you time (a week or so)to use the coupons. USELESS!!! Just wanted to warn everyone about this card.

Unless, your rich - it's useless. In todays economy who has $20.00 a day or more to spend at Walgreens.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #659830

Thanks everyone - I got it! I got it!!!


I am not even going to bother reading the other comments yet. Because the incentive coupon you are referring to is NOT A BALANCE REWARD.

The Balance Rewards Points are given to you when you buy qualifying items. There is NO EXPIRATION on Balance Rewards Points. And the only minimum requirement to use them is to buy at least that amount in products. For example: You have 5,000 Balance Rewards Points: that equals to $5.00 off your order: which means that you have to purchase at least $5.00 worth of products.

I you have a problem with understanding the ins and outs of the program then ask for a clear explanation. Simple.

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #659829

Oh shut up, LadyScot, professor of all pharmacies, you liar!


The coupon is not the purpose of the card. The card gets you the sale prices (which CVS does too) but it also gets you "points" on some of the items you buy.

Read the blue tags on the items in the store and you will know what you can get points on. They really add up, and are great if you know how to use the program. 5,000=$5 store credit essentially and it goes up from there.

Look online for more info or ask at the store. It's actually a really good program if you take to understand it.


So the problem is you're mad that people who don't pay for their medicine aren't getting points for things that the public paid for anyway???

to Orr #623253

Orr, Can't you read English? Did I say one single word about prescriptions? No, it was in reference to coupons, $$$ off stores health, beauty, seasonal, food products

Naples, Florida, United States #615786

Another whiner you refuses to read how a program works before they sign up for it.

to LadyScot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #623256

Read, Read - Whiner - I know one thing - you can't go into a store, any store, and shop without a card - or you won't get the discounted price -- it's the additional features I am questioning. If you have a chance to pay $5.00 or $10 and they hand you a card, upon it's inception - are you going to read the instructions, if they even have instructions - everythings posted on line now - you don't get printed material. Obviously, Lady Scot - you do not shop a lot or you would not even post "refuses to read before..." Oh, now I see - you fron Naples, 2nd wealthiest area in FL., so you obviously don't need $1.00 or more off everytime you go to the drug store - & likewise don't use cards as you have no need for them.

to jcqlyka Naples, Florida, United States #623825

I price match, use coupons, and shop only for sale items and that is how I save my money. I am far from rich.

And yes, had you taken time to READ you would UNDERSTAND that the COUPONS have NOTHING to do with the REWARDS program. They are EXTRA gifts.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #615742

You're talking about a coupon that prints out after you spend a certain amount of money. If you pay X amount of dollars during a transaction the register automatically prints out a coupon for $5 off your next purchase, but it must be made within 1-2 days.

Those are NOT rewards dollars.

Rewards dollars pop up with the register and the computer will ask you "do you want to use your rewards dollars". It's never a coupon.

to Mandi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #623257

Thanks Mandi, Well explained.


Keep in mind that the "Spend x$ get y$ off your purchase" coupons have nothing to do with the Balance Rewards program. Even non-members can receive and use this coupon. The only purpose this coupon serves is to get customers back in their stores as soon as possible.

to joss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #623258

Joss, Thanks for letting me know. I understand better now.

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