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My girlfriend is having this exact issue. We went to a walgreens in Altamonte Springs Florida, across from Florida Hospital Altamonte.

She has a spinal simulator for pain management, and it has broken, and is now malfunctioning and sending electrical shocks straight into her spinal cord. To have this implant put in it required drilling holes in her vertebre...this is NOT a small procedure. This of course is causing great amounts of pain. We went to the pharmacist with a prescription given by her doctor, and we have no problem waiting for it to be verified.

The Pharmacist we find out later blacklisted her, and now she cannot get ANY meds from Walgreens, even cold medications. So not only can she not get her pain meds, she cannot go to any Aalgreens for any medications whatsoever. We found this out when she went in and they treated her like she was some kind of crackhead criminal.

My girlfriend is a 25 year old blonde girl, who is clean cut, was wearing a Ralph Laurren shirt when we walked in, and carries a $300 Dooney and Bourke purse.

I drove up in my Audi. We are far from looking like *** heads, or pill poppers. We just want her to get her pain meds so she can stay out of the hospital, until she can have her surgery to fix her simulator.

She has been on pain meds for 9 years, and we brought all the documentation to prove this. The Pharmacist was a real *** for doing this to her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: We are contacting the local news channel who has been doing a recent story on Walgreens and blacklisting customers with legit scripts. My girlfriend will now have to go to the hospital due to not having her pain meds. .

Walgreens Pros: We have been blacklisted.

Walgreens Cons: We have been blacklisted.

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Since pharmacists are trained medical professionals with a license they have 100 percent right to deny filling any prescription, especially controlled pain medications. It's their license on the line.

Anyone who doesn't understand that is most likely a med seeker. You sound very ignorant in your post.


I used to believe like you until I had to help her deal with these issues first hand. When you have someone who is in chronic pain to the point of hospitalization, due to past cancer, surgery and so on, you will understand the frustration a lot more.

Not everyone looking to get their medications filled are seeking pills for recreation. There are many people in legitimate need. While he is in his right to deny..he also blacklisted her from buying any meds at ANY Walgreens in the entire chain. So if she needed a cold medication in Miami (we live in Orlando), she could not get it filled.

When people are in need of their medications, just saying..yah the place is in their right doesn't do anything for the patiants with legitimate prescriptions who need medicines. She ended up in the hospital due to this issue yesterday.


Who cares how old your girlfriend is and what color her hair is. More than likely the hair is bleached and not natural.

Of course it makes both of you sound really important when you say what *** brand shirt she was wearing and the *** brand of purse. Who in their RIGHT mind would pay that much for a purse? It also doesn't matter what kind of car you MIGHT have. I highly doubt that your girlfriend is mature enough to be doing her own complaining.

I'll be darned if I would have a conceited male doing my complaining for me. No matter how much pain I would be in I would do my own complaining.

About 30 years ago I was told my spine is full of arthritis and that does cause pain, rather than take pain medications and taught myself to do self hypnosis. Maybe she should grow up and try something like that.


Are you not able to read? She has a spinal cord stimulator that is malfunctioning.

This is a device that had electrodes implanted into holes in her spine that feed electrical current directly to her spinal cord.

This is a bit more than something self hypnosis or other quackery would control. This is why she needs the pain meds, and why this is an issue. How we appear has a lot to do with how Walgreens does their "checklist".

They actually write down appearance, because they are looking for abusers, and drug users. You are a *** who needs to mind your own business if you have nothing of importance to add to the conversation.


If you read everything..and comprehended it you would see she has a Spinal Stimulator. This is a device that a neurosurgeon implated into her spine.

It has arms that are drilled into her vertebra and go directly to her spinal cord. It is malfunctioning..and is now sending random electric shock directly into her central nervous system. This isn't something that quack doctory hypnosis will fix. She either needs serious pain medication, or she needs surgery to have it removed and replaced with a functioning device.

As for Walgreens, how we appear has everything to do with their "blacklist" criteria. They have checklist, and look for "warning signs" of drug users, and abusers. We however did not meet any of the criteria, and she is now unable to get ANY medications at all from Walgreens, including common cold and flu meds.

So yes, how we dressed and presented ourselves DOES matter.



where do you learn how to do this ????