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Re: walgreens store #05154

4905 w tropicana ave

Las vegas 89103


The cashier name jennifer from that store was i thought very rude.

Was trying buy bunch of items but said there was a limit. Which i think was *** coz i wasnt buying things that were not on sale to begin with.

But to save myself from arguing, i said that's fine and ill just come back later for

The items. But when i Came back, the items i was trying to buy, were not put back in the shelf and found them still inside the basket hidden behind the counter. So i ask another cashier on duty if i can purchase those items but told

Me that the previous cashier held them for another customer to buy later which i know was a lie to start because i believe that basket was the one i left behind earlier. I was like really?? You're kidding me, lol.. I thought from the getgo, walgreens store policy was not allowing them to reserve items for customers. That everything in the store were for consumers to purchase especially if they're not paid for. By doing so, i felt so discriminated because she did that in purpose, coz she knew the fact that i was coming back for those. I really dont know why she did what she did. All i can think of that there was a discrimination going on.

I wish, they'd fire her, no customer deserve that. She gives a bad representation to walgreens company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Really! everything is now discrimination....get a life