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I had the same, very negative experience at Walgreens. It's like the girl in the pharmacy, was just trying to *** me off.

Had my stuff, about 25 Items, standing there... next in line. The gentleman in front of me left.. then thus girl came from over in the pill filling area, and handed the cashier a bag of meds, and told her to ring this lady up 1st, point over at her... not in line... when I pointed out that I was the next customer in line, she started argument with me, that this lady had been waiting for 2 hours... and wasn't going to budge.. so I push my stuff up to the cashier, and said you guys can keep your stuff, and walked.. No one else in line behind me.. after asking to speak to a manager.. No manager... called the store.. mgr out for 2 weeks. ..

Call the 1800walgreen, waited on hold for 10min.

I'm going to Facebook next to start a movement "To Avoid a headache; Avoid Walgreens"

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow you're an ***. The other lady had a right to be served before you considering she was waiting for 2 hours. Quit your whining.


As a pharmacy tech I can tell you this is a courtesy thing. Of course we have to help the people that have been waiting the longest first.

It's rude of you not to understand that, not to mention the fact that you should never force the pharmacy to ring you up for more than a couple of things.

That's not what they're for. You're entirely in the wrong here.