Torrance, California

This was the worst service that I have ever experience in my 49 years of living !!!!! I went from my doctors office to " Walgreens " to drop off my prescriptions, they had 10+ people in line, with one cashier. I stood there for 15-20min and the line had not moved !!! Then the manager cut through the line in front of me without saying excuse me or anything. I stopped him and asked him if he was the manager and could he get someone to help out in the pharmacy ? He gave me a mean look and said thats where he was going, and kept walking !!!!!! I will "Never" spend my money with this company agine !!!!!!!!!!

Let's see how there stock does if enough people do the same !!!!

Thank you,

This is the location of the store :


3948 Airport Blvd

Mobile, Ala. 36609

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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Get use to are not the only customer and lines will be long.


Walgreens stock will go higher because they are cutting employee hours hence your long wait time...I'm the whistle blower

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