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The commercial was describing the many different gifts a person can buy for the Holidays, towards the end of the commercial a little boy was at school giving gifts to his friends. He gave the little girl a spinning picture frame on a hook stand.

After that he walked up to his teacher at the chalk board and handed her a bag of Lindor chocolate candies, his facial expressions mirrored a look that a man would've have given woman if they were physically attracted to her. I think this is extremely inappropriate for viewers, especially a children in this age bracket. What are you trying to insinuate in this scene? Kids need to be kids in school, crushes in a sexual implication on TV is not helping parents fight to keep their minds on age appropriate things.

The gift to another class mate was more appropriate than the little boy starring at this older woman like he wanted to physically. Distasteful....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Commercial.

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I didn't see this commercial but by the way it sounds the student was doing a bump and grind on desk while the teacher licked chocolate off the tips of his fingers. Was she wearing a mini-skirt with knee high boots?

Or buttless pants? People are crazy. Why do you all read so much in to this stuff. Why is your kid watching so much *&**ing tv to start with?

You gots a sex problem? To much?

To little?


really? you have to be kidding right?

It is your own sick perverted mind that is thinking a little boy looking at his teach is thinking he wants to get it in. He has a school boy crush, that means when he fantasizes about a girl/woman it's them fishing or catching frogs together. Don't you remember when you were young and innocent but had a crush on someone. You didn't want to actually *** with them?

or did you? sounds to me you are the one with the problem.

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I am as big a prude you ever want to meet. I will not even go see a movie if I know they take the Lords name in vain.

Having said all this, I thought this commercial was adorable. Kids do get crushes on thier teachers.

The teacher handles the situation well, while the little boy thinks he really did well. I see nothing wrong with this, in fact, it made me smile!

to lindajil Winter Park, Florida, United States #585644

If you thought this was "adorable" you really must be watching it with prude eyes. If you watch the commercial again, maybe you would see the sexual nature of it.

When the teacher with the tight skirt is standing at the board, the camera angle is down low, focusing in on the boy looking at her. Then his look after he gives her the gift is very suggestive.

Not that I would think it would be okay if it were a high school boy, but it would at least be more age-appropriate! I would not want my children to see that ad.

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