Clarksburg, West Virginia

The technician at Walgreens told me my essential drug , for which I have a script , is no longer made. The manufacturer disagrees with them.The drug Asmanex is in production , my script is good and without that drug I could die. I was simply turned away . No soup for me.

This is not a professional pharmacy.

Turning a patient away ( from a pharmacy , ) who holds a legitimate and essential script , makes no sense at all . It's a waste of time complaining to them . I tried that once before.

NO more Walgreens for me.6020 W BROWN DEER RD


Store number: 12524

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Asmanex is on manufacturer backorder, so it is not available at a lot of pharmacies until the manufacturer starts producing more medication to meet the demand.


:P There are many strengths and dosages for Asmanex. It is possible that your particular Asmanex was discontinued.

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