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Walgreen's is advertising that they will give you $25 per new prescription that you transfer to them.

Switched 6 from CVS to Walgreens .... with the expectation of 6 $25 Walgreen cards as clearly stated in their ad. Small print says that people on Medicare, Medicaid or a federal program cannot qualify.

WELL .... I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI. This is NOT a government program! HOWEVER, Walgreen's says it falls within the restrictions. HOW?!?!? .... if Blue Cross Blue Shield falls within this program, then MOST PLANS will!!!!

Walgreen's will not tell you this until AFTER you transfer prescriptions and go to the make payment. Only at that time will they tell you that your insurance plan makes you ineligible!! Even the Pharmacist and Store Manager says this is not right and are getting a substantial number of complaints!!

Walgreen's expected me to just walk away with the prescription's that I had just ordered ... but NO WAY .... I cancelled order and walked out vowing never to return!!!

Only problem is now I have to go back to CVS and start prescription up again which I am sure will be a hassle with insurance. WALGREENS should no better!

Classic BAIT AND SWTICH by Walgreens .... involving life and death medication that their customers need ... do you have no Conscience or you just another greedy big corporation with no sense of integrity or fairness??? I would have to say the latter!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Is your BCBS a Medicare replacement plan or a Medicare HMO? If so, then yes, it is MEDICARE & Walgreens is correct.


Okay, ??, one more time - pharmacists are NOT DR's in the classical, accepted meaning of the word. They are not medical doctors in any sense or form, and I am not their "patient", since they are not a "Doctor".

Now, if you're using the word "Doctor" to mean "teacher" (as the Greeks used it), then perhaps a pharmacist could get away with calling him/herself a doctor. But then, so could just about anybody else who has ever taught anyone anything. Also, we're not Greeks, or we would be having this conversation in another language.

Pharmacists go to 3 years of training and one year of internship, plus certs to become a pharmacist. And this requirement is fairly recent - they used to have only 2 years of training.

Not the 8-11 years(plus specialties) to become a medical doctor.

They are "doctors" like lawyers are doctors (of jurisprudence). So please, PLEASE quit insisting that they are doctors to try to elevate their opinions and status in life - they really aren't, except in their own minds.


Pharmacists are doctors of medicine. They are trained to know everything there is to know about medications, just as a physician is trained to know about illnesses and/or the specific body part they specialize in. Ergo, a pharmacist IS actually a doctor.


A Pharmacist is NOT a doctor. A pharmacist is a PharmaD, a pharmacist is a PHARMACIST!

Even many pharmacists resent others in their field claiming to be doctors because they feel it's misleading and just plain wrong. While pharmacists do know more about drugs than any doctor, they are still not a doctor and have no qualifications to be a doctor and/or perform the duties of a doctor (and when I say doctor, I am referring to an M.D.)


Bait and switch also applys to Safeway pharmacy, when first joined fill a card of 15 punches for each prescription bought, and get $30.00 Safeway gift card. Then eventually they stopped giving punches on card for any state paid prescription, which included Medicare, which I don'understand, because they were still getting paid regardless as to who was paying them, and eventually they stopped the prescription punch card.


I find it interesting that you call them greedy when greed is the exact reason YOU chose to transfer your scripts ONLY did so thinking you were going to ball $150.


Are you confusing greed with trying to save money, nothing wrong with making a decision to add to your income, to help pay for other necessaties in life, that just keep getting more expensive every day. I have not had a raise in 4 years, so I am always looking for ways to increasemy dollar.


Consider yourself lucky. Walgreens is not filling prescriptions for pain pills that they do not think you need!!

Yes you read that correct they are deciding what you need the pharmacy not YOUR Doctors!! crazy!!


Isn't that their job? to regulate controlled medications?

I don't care if a Dr. wrote a rx for you, I know a doctor that would write one for her patients and they would go fill it and meet her later to give her half. Needless to say she got busted and now can't practice medicine.

So all those years of college down the drain. So if a pharmacist doesn't fill your rx maybe it's because they don't think it's worth throwing away their years of hard work and college.


I can only say I hope you never need any medication to survive and are denied!! But maybe if you could have it happen to you.

YOU would understand or better yet how about your child need medications that are being denied because the PHARMACY doesn't like that he is getting too many different PAID Meds FOR HIS/HER RADIATION TREATMENTS that you have to bring him to everyday for the next 30 days to try and reduce the cancer in his HEAD/// believe me no one will feel what you will go through in that time. PHARMACIST that do not want to WILL PRESCRIPTIONS PERSCRIBED BY DOCTORS SHOULD NOT BE PAHRMACISTS THEY SHOULD HAVE WENT FURTHER IN SCHOOL AND BECAME A DR AND SEEN THE OTHER SIDE/ OR A CANCER PATIENT AND SEEN THE OTHER SIDE


I doubt a pharmacist wants anyone to go thru any true pain, but when you see people come in to get percocet for headaches, you have to wonder. Also does the Pharm know the child is going thru chemo.

I saw a pharmacist try his best to talk the patient AND dr. to not start another pain pill or atleast take him off the other pain pill if he wanted to try the new one, and they both refused, he filled it and the man was rushed to the ER that night because of respatory failure (almost died) the pharm said he wouldn't be able to live with himself if the guy had died, because he felt he was responsible.

If a pharm refuses to fill a pain med for anybody it's because they think that's the best for the patient. Why go thru all that chemo and fight for your life if your just going to die because you lungs forget to breath?


Also pharmacists that graduate now a days are DR's (so don't think md's know it ALL)


Why do we fight? Natural instant I guess!!

Why do we want to keep someone here as long as we can (maybe it is for selfish reason)!! Why do we not want to see our loved ones in pain (maybe because we have the ability to let them pass comfortably) Even when Death is chosen it doesn't just happen because the person says I am ready to DIE. How long before pancreatic cancer takes you? Some years/some months/some days Leukemia someyears/some months/some days ect.


for anyone that is abusing these MEDICATIONS I say let them have them it it can save someone that needs them from pain we need to protect our weakest among us.

Anyone can have a reaction to medication at any time. I have seen a man die from taking allergy meds and drinking we can not avoid all deaths but we can make sure the weakest among us will not SUFFER!!




For a pharmacist to deny a written order from a M.D. because they feel they know better than your doctor is beyond unprofessional and unethical conduct--its criminal!


For a person to go dr hopping until they get one that just wants $ and doesn't give a fig about the patient, but gives the patient what they want is unethical. Look at that dr.

That got in all that trouble for aborting full term babies. The thing that even started the investigation was he was writing WAY too many pain pills. People would give him $20 and he would write it for what they want. Maybe if a pharmacist asked questions earlier they could have stopped that years ago.

So do you think a pharmacist refusing to fill a rx written from that dr. Is unethical?