Deer Park, Texas

My doctor diagnosed me with walking pneumonia yesterday. I ended up having to leave work early because I was so sick.

He called my perscriptions in to the Walgreen's in Humble, TX on the Eastex Freeway and FM 1960 since that is two minutes from my job. Before I headed out of work to pick the perscriptions up, I called to make sure they had been called in because I hate sitting at a pharmacy forever waiting. I called a few times and they still hadn't been called in. When I called the fourth time, the pharmacy tech said "You sound like you aren't feeling to well.

Would you mind holding while I check the voicemail?" Wow! What customer service!

It turns out that it was on the voice mail and they filled it right away. The people at that pharmacy are as nice in person as they are on the phone.

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Makawao, Hawaii, United States #230735

So I take it all those women who are Pharm D.'s know nothing?

I wonder what professional title you have, kymmberlie, that you can belittle women pharmacists?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #206536

You obviously work at that Walgreens. This site is pissedconsumer.

Not suck up to my employer to get a raise. Learn how to read. I bet you don't even have the pneumonia. You just made a compliment and the person that "helped" you was you yourself.

You are just writing a good review for yourself to get a raise. Stop it loser.

This is not the way the world works you ***. The truth is Wal-greens sucks because they hire women as pharmacists when women don't know a thing about medication.

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