Walgreens cured my idiotic desire to do business with them. Never again will I entertain the thought of filling a prescription there.

They tried to dump an expired bottle of eardrops on me that wasn't the name brand the doctor wrote on the prescription. Then tried to tell me that it wasn't supposed to be filled as written until I produced my copy of the prescription showing it was to be filled as written. Then they ordered what they were suppose to fill it with in the beginning. But guess what, that turned out to be the same bottle they tried to dump on me the first time!!

They didn't get rid of it off the shelf like they should have. I'm sure they will give it to the next unsuspecting consumer. I went back to pick up the newly ordered bottle but couldn't get it because they hadn't unpacked their order yet, they guaranteed all orders are available by 4:00 PM... the problem with that was it was 3:55 PM when they told me this and couldn't be bothered to go ahead and give it to me 5 minutes early.

I left and went to another pharmacy who filled the prescription correctly and immediately after calling the doctor's office to verify my prescription copy.

So, that's right, they cured me of doing business with them ever again! So incompetent yet so ***!!

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you are probably doing it wrong. you were probably so happy to go some where else you listened to what you need to do.


what did you say? sorry cant follow your meaning. clarify