Newport News, Virginia
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I ran into Walgreens to pick up a pack of batteries. While I was there I started grabbing a few more household items I realized I needed.

My hands became full with items and I started dropping things so I went and got a cart. I paid for my $85 worth of merchandise and exited the store. As soon as I left, a manager stopped me in the parking lot and asked to look in my purse. Confused, I opened it up and there was the pack of batteries I had originally went to Walgreens to purchase!

I explained it must have been a mistake, why would I buy $85 worth of items and steal $6 batteries? I am a 30 year old precessional with no criminal record whatsoever. I needed the batteries and wanted to pay for them - I felt bad and embarassed that they thought I was stealing. However, instead of letting me pay for my mistake as a loyal customer of Walgreens, they took me into the back room photocopied my license called the police and told me I was never allowed to enter a Walgreens store again.

I was absolutely furious and absolutely mortified. Why was I being treated like a criminal when I had done nothing wrong? Is this how Walgreens sees and treats their loyal customers? Regardless, months went by and I moved out of state.

Today I get a letter in the mail telling me that Walmart wants $500 in damages for the "incident " - wtf???

I will never shop at another Walgreens again, they are money hungry and accusatory. I will countersue them and take them to court if I have to but this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever been a part of.

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Ummm, you DID do something wrong. You had merchandise that you did not pay for in your purse.

That is called stealing. You are a thief.


This is not the complete story....Walgreens and then you must of did something in Walmart also. Is this a pattern with you?


Walmart or Walgreens?


I would not have opened my purse for them and give up my 4 ammendment rights as an amercian.


I'm with Walgreen's on this one. And I'm glad I won't be seeing you in their store(s) when I am there next!

Batteries don't just appear in purses.


I hope you do sue them and win. I entered a Walgreens on 2nd street in El Cajon (San Diego) and they stopped me upon entering the store and insisted I leave my backpack at the register.

I am a nurse, and a grandmother, and have never stolen anything in my life. I use a very small backpack as a purse as I can hold a lot more items and it is more comfortable on my shoulder. I realized that they had profiled me and assumed I was a homeless person just because I look a little rough due to having undergone chemotherapy for my advanced stage breast cancer, and the fact that my hair is growing back irregularly. I was never so insulted.

Then at the register the manager has the nerve to ask me for a donation for Breast cancer, and I tell him that I have breast cancer and he laughed. How is having breast cancer funny?

I have written a complaint to Walgreens and am awaiting their response. Their employees need sensitivity training.


private company. do i have to explain that to an adult?


If Walmart sent you something saying they wanted $500. You must have made the same "mistake" there too. Shameful.


Of course you won't ever shop in a Walgreens again being you aren't supposed to go in their stores again. Of course 30 year old precessionals would never do anything wrong.

Exactly how did the batteries accidentally get into your purse, if all you were doing was getting a cart to put your items in? There wouldn't have been any reason for your purse to accidentally be open, would there?


Damn u prob won't see this but although I've always caught myself before actually doing it, women are used to putting everything in their purses. It happens as part of a routine when you have a lot of things on your mind.


the employees probably don't have a choice but to do what they did. I'm thankful I've not been in that situation & have started taking only my wallet w id, store discount cards, & money into stores.