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Do not shop at this retailer! This is the worst service I have ever received from a corporate number.

I purchased an item for my daughter around Christmas and it was not what she needed, so we went into a location to return it. First of all the item was about $7.50 and I had my receipt. The item was still in the packaging and was untouched. The merchandise was purchased 32 days earlier.

The store refused to give me my money back, so I called the corporate number to ask them "why". They told me, if the item was over 30 days old then I could not get a refund of my money. They told me that they didn't have room to satisfy the customer when the product was over 30 days old. Unbelievable!!!!

No room to make the customer happy! I will not take my business (front store or prescriptions) back to this retailer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Then what would be the point of the 30 day return policy if they're going to return it after 30 days anyway? I am serious.

I want an answer. Why have a policy if they are going to break said policy. I need an answer. If rules, policies, laws, etc are made, why are they overlooked anyway?

This is why this world makes no sense. Why am I forced to live in a world with such broken concepts?


They tell you to not to return anything because it will get messed up. Do not try to get the rewards points straighten out they do not how to help the customer. You return items and the transaction cannot get done right.